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Nathan Paetsch is still a Sabre. September 30, 2009

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Why why why?

On another note, Tyler Myers and Tim Kennedy are also Sabres. Mike Weber and Nathan Gerbe are Pirates. Life in Sabreville is as it should be.

Except for Nathan Paetsch.


Is Drew Stafford the next Tim Connolly? September 29, 2009

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Am I the only one who’s getting a little concerned about the number of concussions Drew Stafford has suffered? We can hardly afford to have another talented player who is so fragile.

Well, the Sabres have 26 players in camp at the moment. They have til tomorrow at 3pm to make up their minds. Toni Lydman is battling some sort of hand injury, which might free up the logjam at the blue line temporarily.

What I really want to know, though… who’s making the team at forward? Gerbe? Kennedy? Both? Who are we waiving to make room?

Stay tuned for the next installment of “As Sabretooth Turns” (yes, I  just made that up).

Last preseason game – let’s take stock, shall we? September 27, 2009

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So far we’re through two periods. It’s 4-3 Toronto. Yes, you heard right. Those little snots up in Toronto are winning. Let’s recap:

  • MacArthur has three goals in the preseason. It might be fair to say the boy’s got skillz.
  • Pominville still gives a sweet pass. And is adorable.
  • Gerbe, for a little guy, seems to have a pretty heavy shot.
  • Vanek is deadly on the PP. Yawn.
  • The penalty killing has been very good. Yawn.
  • Tyler Myers was on the ice for at least one of the goals.
  • Our centers are not good at faceoffs. Well, save for Matt Ellis, who I don’t think is going to eat up ice time. Tim Kennedy needs more tutoring from the Goose, who isn’t doing bad on faceoffs and has lovely technique.
  • Tim Connolly hurt himself taking the elevator to the press box.
  • I’d feel better about Kennedy if he gained 30 pounds of muscle. That kid is gonna get his butt kicked if he makes the Sabres.
  • Jochen Hecht MAY have his mojo back. I reserve judgment.
  • I have no comments about the defense one way or other, really, except I think they’ve got some assists, which is excellent.

I’m out.

Well, that sucked. September 26, 2009

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Blowing leads=bad. Winning games=good. Learn it, know it, live it.



Katebits and I (and Jess) are soulmates September 26, 2009

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So a couple of us female Sabres fans/blogger types (you know you want to, Jess) got together for some drinks last night. Kate, of Willful Caboose, and Jess, of BLOG TO BE INSERTED LATER, and I had a fun little debate at Cecelia’s over martinis and Restaurant Week fare.

Here are the results: (ladies, feel free to correct me if I got any of the following wrong)

  • We like Goose. We think he’s a righteous dude and we hope he didn’t see Kate in the Co-op.
  • We like Pominville. We think he’s a good hockey and adorable to boot.
  • We like Lindy’s yellow hair. We’re not sure Lindy is still an effective coach.
  • We LOVE Marty Biron.
  • We think Derek Roy is a good hockey player and a great whiner. We also think his suits are hilarious.
  • We think Drew Stafford is hot. (Hey, we ARE female and not dead)
  • We find Tyler Myers to be very tall, very young, and a good hockey player who needs a LOT of seasoning.
  • We think Tim Connolly is going to tear his groin getting out of his car to pump gas within the next week.
  • We’re pretty much done with Tallinder, but we think Bucky is crazy to suggest the Sabres waive Lydman.
  • We see Ryan Miller as very skinny and a little bit frightening.
  • We think Ty Conklin is cute.
  • We disagree about Alex Ovechkin. We also disagree about Sidney Crosby, but not about Evgeni Malkin.
  • We’re not sure the Sabres are good at hockey.
  • We think the concept of the penalty box is a hoot.
  • We love the organ.
  • We like the curmudgeony Mike Robitaille. We want to know if the elevator story is about Jess.
  • We think it should still be called Hockey Hotline.
  • We do not like it when people talk inane drivel during play. That’s what whistles and TV timeouts are for, kids.
  • We all have to do play-for-play for someone we go to games with.
  • We like the concept of “hockey husbands”.
  • We think the prospects look like babies, and that makes us sad.
  • We like musical hockey players.
  • We hope Jochen Hecht does not suck this year.
  • We’re not sure Gerbe OR Kennedy is going to make the team out of training camp.
  • We have no idea why Nathan Paetsch is still a Sabre.
  • We think the Sabres signed Mike Grier so Craig Rivet wasn’t the only grown-up.
  • We’ve nearly run players over with our cars, but we weren’t anywhere near the arena when these incidents happened.

I think that’s all I recall. I did have three martinis, you know.

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