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My first post… sniff sniff… my mom will be so proud September 2, 2009

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Everyone who’s been telling me I should write a Sabres blog have collectively squealed and clinked glasses. By the way, I know who you are, and I’m coming after you.

No, seriously.

I will do my best to post often. The majority of my posts will relate to the Buffalo Sabres, but since I have opinions about many other team/the league in general/marketing et al I might veer off into another stratosphere for a bit. I urge you to stay with me, though – those posts might be some of the most interesting!

Anyway, I’m just getting into this, so if you’ve got comments or suggestions, please please send ’em along.



1. Amanda - September 2, 2009

Hi, this is a comment. It’s lonely.

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