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Darcy… oh Darcy… September 5, 2009

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Come out, come out, wherever you are! I know you said you’re trying to make trades, but I think maybe you’ve been sitting around your lakefront cottage in Sherkston Shores (disclaimer: I have no idea if Darcy has a cottage there or not) drinking beer and playing frisbee. Surely it’s not impossible to make a trade.

This Sabres team needs a trade like I need a full-time housekeeper. Trust me, I need one. The dust on the sills just got disgusted by the grime on my windows and demanded to be traded. Moving on…

The Sabres have 6,372,793 players under contract for the upcoming season. They have 23 roster spots. One would think something has to give unless they plan to make some of said players become janitors or something (heeeyyyy, that might solve my housekeeper problem!).

The team also has some players in need of a change of scenery. Henrik Tallinder springs to mind immediately. When he’s not busy acting on Make It or Break It – seriously, check it out – he’s not a happy camper. Even with Toni Lydman around to cover up his mistakes, he looks horrible. I’m not saying Lydman is a Norris-quality d-man but he’s the most consistent one we’ve got now that Spacek took his pigeon and flew the coop.

Jochen Hecht looks like he might benefit from playing on another team. Nathan Paetsch is practically begging to be traded. I think Dan Paille, Clarke MacArthur, Marc Mancari, and one or two of the Sabres “role players” could use a new address too. This team has too many role players. If they were role players like, say, Johan Franzen, I might be willing to give Darcy a pass. But they’re not.

The team was sleepwalking through most of last season. Time to wake the boys up, Darcy. Aren’t you and Lindy supposed to be the dads around here? Go kick some ass!


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