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Puck Daddy (and some of our own) preview the Buffalo Sabres September 7, 2009

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Puck Daddy has started a series of posts previewing each team. On Friday the Sabres were his target topic. Here’s what he had to say…

  1. The Sabres are totally screwed if Tim Connolly hurts his fragile ‘ittle self. Hmmm. I guess the Sabres are totally screwed then.
  2. If Tim Connolly doesn’t single-handedly take down the season with an injury, but Ryan Miller gets injured, the Sabres are still screwed. Ok, I agree with that point. Moving on…
  3. The Sabres have $8 million in cap space. First off, with 7,306,295 players squaring off for 23 roster spots, how can they possibly have that much cap room? Also, $8 million in cap room doesn’t mean the Sabres have any money they’re looking to spend. Their “cap” and the NHL’s cap are two very different things.
  4. It’s uncertain whether Derek Roy, Thomas Vanek, or Tim Connolly is their best offensive player. Derek Roy couldn’t have a consistent season if he used Emeril’s Essence and Tim Connolly is more fragile than a Ming vase being used as a soccer ball during a pickup game at the FedEx warehouse. Thomas Vanek is their best offensive player. Good thing he’s not very offensive-smelling, from what I can tell. Well, except right after playing, of course. They all smell offensive then.
  5. Huh. Jason Pominville’s goal totals have declined for three straight years? That’s not good. However, there’s more to our little Pommerdoodle than meets the eye. He can play forward or defense (if need be), he can take faceoffs (if need be) and win as many of them as several of our regular centers, he is part of the power play AND the penalty kill, takes a regular shift, is rarely injured, doesn’t bitch, isn’t a liability at either end of the ice, and looks very cute with his jersey tucked into his pants. He’s a yawn of an interview, but that’s not his fault. Obviously he’s been forced to attend “how to bore the media and fans to death” camp every year since he was 14. Wonder if he ever met Sidney Crosby there?
  6. Clarke MacArthur is the player most likely to “break out” this season. Heaven help us.
  7. There’s really nothing interesting or noteworthy to say about our defensemen, except that it would be fun to watch Tyler Myers fight Zdeno Chara. Wonder if Myers grew any more this summer? What do giraffes eat, anyway?
  8. Ryan Miller is a spokesmodel.
  9. Adam Mair can swear with the best of them.
  10. Lindy Ruff could be in trouble if this team sucks again.
  11. The dude from The Rink Podcast thinks the season hinges on Clarke MacArthur, Dan Paille, and Drew Stafford. Heaven help us, part deux.
  12. Katebits refuses to make a prediction, but somehow manages to make one anyway.
  13. Drew Stafford, Jochen Hecht, and Paul Gaustad can find another gear if a lot of forwards get injured. Heaven help us, part trois. And aren’t these three of the most-often injured guys? Can’t find another gear when you’re sitting in your living room in your Snoopy Underoos with ice on your groin (and can I just say – ouch) watching Sportscenter.

Well, that was cheerful. Read the entirety of Puck Daddy’s post here.



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