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Demystifying NHL rules, Part 3 September 14, 2009

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86.6 Pre-Game Warm-Up – During the pre-game warm-up (which shall not exceed sixteen (16) minutes in duration) and before the commencement of play in any period, each team shall confine its activity to its own end of the rink. Refer to Rule 47.9 – Fighting. <– HEE.

No warm-up involving pucks on the ice shall be permitted for a goalkeeper at the start of any period. If, after one warning, this continues, the Referee shall assess a delay of game penalty to the offending team.

Ok, I get that they don’t want team brawls breaking out during warm-ups, but it’s kind of funny. “Ok, boys, here’s the masking tape dividing the ice. You step on the other side and you’re in Time Out. We mean it!”

Also, I had no idea goalkeepers couldn’t warm up. I guess I should have since I’ve never seen it happen but I never thought about it.

On another note: Welcome back, you little punk. Try to try.

Staffy looks shocked that he's dating Thomas Vanek

Staffy looks shocked that he's dating Thomas Vanek



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