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Was he or wasn’t he? September 15, 2009

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Conflicting reports coming out of Montreal that Andrei Markov was offered the captaincy but turned it down. Team officials say the offer was never made, Markov (from what I saw) hasn’t commented.

I would believe the team never offered it, but I would also not be surprised if he turned it down. First, why don’t I think the team offered it? Because it’s too early in the season with all these new guys to be anointing someone captain. You need to know how team chemistry is building (or not building) before deciding who should be helming the ship.

Second, why do I think he might’ve turned it down? Because Markov is one of the prototypically shy Russian players. His English isn’t great and he doesn’t look comfortable talking in public. That’s a tough combo when you’re supposed to be the face of the team.

Everyone is always shocked when a player turns down the captaincy, but there are often legitimate reasons. Markov may think someone else would be more fit for the role. Maybe he simply doesn’t want it – some players are better able to handle the additional responsibility than others. It’s his choice.



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