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A word on fighting after dishing out a hit September 18, 2009

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I’ve seen the Dion Phaneuf hit. I don’t like it, but it appeared to be “legal”. I’m not convinced he needed to hit the poor kid that hard, but that’s Phanuef’s game. Okposo was in a vulnerable position after having been spun around by some other Flame, and he was already off-balance when Phaneuf railroaded him. Bad timing.

Several of the Isles, most noticeably Morency, went after Phaneuf while their teammate was counting stars on the ice. Even the goalies squared off, which always makes me giggle (Hey Lindy – I’m brawling!). But how did Phaneuf respond? Did he give the Islanders the chance to stick up for their teammate? No, he skated away.

I’m on the fence about whether or not I like fighting in hockey, but I do think if you do something that injures another player, whether intentional or not, you should pay the piper. Take your licks, Dion. Kyle Okposo certainly did.



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