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Are we gonna be grown-ups now? September 21, 2009

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One thing that has annoyed me for a couple of years is the way this team, despite their talk of being cozier than Kanye West at an anger management meeting, did not stick up for each other. Now, you can argue they didn’t have the players to do so. Bull. Are you seriously telling me Paul Gaustad, Adam Mair, Andrew Peters, Pat Kaleta, and even that punk Drew Stafford weren’t capable of throwing down?

Next you’ll argue, “But those guys DID throw down.” Yes, sometimes. But not when it counted the most. The last time I saw this team do anything that qualified as sticking up for each other was the Ottawa brawl game, and that was only after their captain got his clock cleaned. Let me remind you – the Ottawa brawl game took place on February 27, 2007. Two and a half YEARS ago.

You would have thought when their franchise goaltender got run over, whether intentionally or not, someone might’ve at least tossed a little Gatorade toward the offender. Nope, the Sabres didn’t even do that. I think they may even have helped the little bastard up afterward. Yes, I’m exaggerating, but my point is this: you guys are a TEAM. TEAMS stick together, through good times, bad times, and painful times.

I haven’t seen the replay of Gaustad’s fight tonight, but I hope it means they’ve finally gotten the concept of team toughness down. Maybe it took Regier picking up McCormick, Cowan, Montador, Kassian, et al to wake the guys up. Welcome back, gentlemen. Now, don’t act like gentlemen and go kick some ass!



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