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Cleaning out the inbox September 25, 2009

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I’ve got a few things cluttering up my brain, and here’s a rundown:

– Congratulations to WGR for winning the National Association of Broadcasting’s (NAB) Marconi Award for Best Sportsradio Station. That’s quite an accomplishment considering how many sportsradio stations there are in the US. I don’t think this is even the first time they’ve won the award. Good job!

– Lindy Russ has anointed Vanek-Roy-Stafford as his top line. I don’t have a problem with Vanek and Roy, considering Vanek is the team’s golden ticket and he seems to like playing with Roy, but keeping Stafford with them – eh. I know Ruff has tried Pommer with Vanek and Roy with limited success but it just doesn’t seem fair that Stafford, who rarely appears to give 100%, gets the first line just kind of dropped into his lap.

– Bucky Gleason wrote an article about Tyler Myers for the Buffalo News today. Jeremy White talked about Tyler Myers on WGR this morning. Both had interesting viewpoints, but I had niggling problems with both. Are you surprised? Bucky’s column talked about keeping Myers here (thumbs up, Bucky), but also about waiving Lydman to possibly make room. 

Now, I understand that both Tallinder and Lydman, well, sucked at some points last year, but Lydman is one of the steadiest d-men we have. I think a lot of his struggles were covering up for his defense partner, Tallinder. I actually gasped when I read the following in the column:

If their roster is overcrowded, make room even if it means waiving a veteran. Toni Lydman and Henrik Tallinder, headed toward unrestricted free agency and not part of the Sabres’ long-term future, are good candidates. The Sabres missed the playoffs with them, so they can certainly do the same without them.

You want to waive Henrik Tallinder? Fine. Wanna throw Nathan Paetsch out on his butt? Ok. But waiving one of your veteran guys who eats up a lot of minutes, including a ton of penalty-killing minutes, to make room for a totally unproven kid? I don’t think so.

On to what Jeremy White said today. The gist of it was, “I’d love to see them keep him but that’s not what the Sabres usually do.” How do you know? How often have they had this opportunity? When did they face this exact same situation with either keeping a kid up here or sending him to juniors? I’m not sure I recall any similar situations, and I’ve been a fan since 1994. So how do you know what the Sabres will do?

I’ve been vocal about Myers. I want the Sabres to keep him. I just don’t think it’s a good idea to waive just anybody.



1. manda903 - September 25, 2009

I don’t disagree with you. I like Vanek playing with Connolly, but since Timmy is more fragile than my 9-month-old daughter, I don’t see that happening for any length of time. Ruff seems to be enamored of the Vanek-Roy combination, too.

2. Shelby Rose - September 25, 2009

Now see, I have a different opinion on the Vanek-Roy-Stafford line. I’d prefer Vanek be paired with Connolly because those two have done pretty damn amazing things while playing together. It’s just because of Timmy frequently getting hurt that Vanek is usually stuck with Roy.

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