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Katebits and I (and Jess) are soulmates September 26, 2009

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So a couple of us female Sabres fans/blogger types (you know you want to, Jess) got together for some drinks last night. Kate, of Willful Caboose, and Jess, of BLOG TO BE INSERTED LATER, and I had a fun little debate at Cecelia’s over martinis and Restaurant Week fare.

Here are the results: (ladies, feel free to correct me if I got any of the following wrong)

  • We like Goose. We think he’s a righteous dude and we hope he didn’t see Kate in the Co-op.
  • We like Pominville. We think he’s a good hockey and adorable to boot.
  • We like Lindy’s yellow hair. We’re not sure Lindy is still an effective coach.
  • We LOVE Marty Biron.
  • We think Derek Roy is a good hockey player and a great whiner. We also think his suits are hilarious.
  • We think Drew Stafford is hot. (Hey, we ARE female and not dead)
  • We find Tyler Myers to be very tall, very young, and a good hockey player who needs a LOT of seasoning.
  • We think Tim Connolly is going to tear his groin getting out of his car to pump gas within the next week.
  • We’re pretty much done with Tallinder, but we think Bucky is crazy to suggest the Sabres waive Lydman.
  • We see Ryan Miller as very skinny and a little bit frightening.
  • We think Ty Conklin is cute.
  • We disagree about Alex Ovechkin. We also disagree about Sidney Crosby, but not about Evgeni Malkin.
  • We’re not sure the Sabres are good at hockey.
  • We think the concept of the penalty box is a hoot.
  • We love the organ.
  • We like the curmudgeony Mike Robitaille. We want to know if the elevator story is about Jess.
  • We think it should still be called Hockey Hotline.
  • We do not like it when people talk inane drivel during play. That’s what whistles and TV timeouts are for, kids.
  • We all have to do play-for-play for someone we go to games with.
  • We like the concept of “hockey husbands”.
  • We think the prospects look like babies, and that makes us sad.
  • We like musical hockey players.
  • We hope Jochen Hecht does not suck this year.
  • We’re not sure Gerbe OR Kennedy is going to make the team out of training camp.
  • We have no idea why Nathan Paetsch is still a Sabre.
  • We think the Sabres signed Mike Grier so Craig Rivet wasn’t the only grown-up.
  • We’ve nearly run players over with our cars, but we weren’t anywhere near the arena when these incidents happened.

I think that’s all I recall. I did have three martinis, you know.



1. Christina - September 27, 2009

I also like Lindy’s yellow hair. And always wears a cool tie.

I also think Lalime is dreamy. Especially when he’s not sucking.

2. RestaurantZoom - September 27, 2009

Three martinis? No wonder the comments you make are so entertaining. I’m just sayin’…:-)

3. Katebits - September 26, 2009


That said, that was good times last night.

4. Shelby Rose - September 26, 2009

But Patrick Lalime is quite the grown up too!

5. amy - September 26, 2009

Hmm. I think Staffy’s hotness is relative to the light he’s standing in, the amount of alcoholic beverages that have been consumed and whether or not the fake mustache is on display. I think he’s funny as all hell, though.

If the Sabres are like a family, then there’s two grownups (as you guys agreed), a couple of teenagers/college kids, a bunch of unruly five year olds and a couple of toddlers who are trying to act like the big kids. I hope that comparison makes sense.

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