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Last preseason game – let’s take stock, shall we? September 27, 2009

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So far we’re through two periods. It’s 4-3 Toronto. Yes, you heard right. Those little snots up in Toronto are winning. Let’s recap:

  • MacArthur has three goals in the preseason. It might be fair to say the boy’s got skillz.
  • Pominville still gives a sweet pass. And is adorable.
  • Gerbe, for a little guy, seems to have a pretty heavy shot.
  • Vanek is deadly on the PP. Yawn.
  • The penalty killing has been very good. Yawn.
  • Tyler Myers was on the ice for at least one of the goals.
  • Our centers are not good at faceoffs. Well, save for Matt Ellis, who I don’t think is going to eat up ice time. Tim Kennedy needs more tutoring from the Goose, who isn’t doing bad on faceoffs and has lovely technique.
  • Tim Connolly hurt himself taking the elevator to the press box.
  • I’d feel better about Kennedy if he gained 30 pounds of muscle. That kid is gonna get his butt kicked if he makes the Sabres.
  • Jochen Hecht MAY have his mojo back. I reserve judgment.
  • I have no comments about the defense one way or other, really, except I think they’ve got some assists, which is excellent.

I’m out.



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