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Well. That sucked. October 3, 2009

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We went to the game. I can’t fault the effort. I can fault the boards. 😉 And now I’m mad at Spacho for trying to kill his ex-defense partner.


  • The effort – I didn’t see a whole lot of laziness. Except for Derek Roy, anyway.
  • The heart – this team does not look like the wussy Sabres of the past couple of years. I hope they keep it up.
  • Tyler Myers – looked like he belonged.
  • Drew Stafford on the fourth line – I knew Stafford is a skilled player yada yada yada, but he plays like the little bugger he should when he’s playing w/guys like Kaleta. It’s difficult not to give an honest effort playing on a line with Kaleta.
  • The Hecht/Gaustad/Grier line. I’ve never been a huge Hecht fan or a huge Grier fan, but I LOVE this line.
  • Chris Butler, in particular, and the defense in general, moving up on the play.

Didn’t like:

  • Maxim Lapierre. Dude needed to get punched in the face a whole bunch of times.
  • Scott Gomez. Ditto.
  • Travis Moen running into Miller and yet the goal Montreal scores on the play stands.
  • Active boards. Not a fan. Sabres need to spend some serious time learning their boards.
  • Derek Roy. Sloppy play, whiny. Bad combo.
  • Thomas Vanek. Invisible.

Funny thing: There was a scrum behind the net. It was one of many, since the refs didn’t have control of this game at all. Anyhoo, so there’s a whole mass of humanity, and Tyler Myers wades into the fray and starts pulling people away. I looked at my hubby and said, “Here’s what Myers just said – ‘I’m tall, I’ll take care of this.'” Hee.



1. Craig Kanalley - October 3, 2009

Ah, good game to go to, even though the result…

Watching on TV all the way from Chicago, I actually agree with your pluses and minuses on all counts. So that means it indeed was a real good effort from the Sabres, they looked sharp, just a controversial goal in the second and a tough bounce at the end.

Need to score a few more goals so those types of things don’t happen; have to give Carey Price credit.

And one reason I think Roy and Vanek were so quiet is I just think the Montreal D did a great job against them.

Fine start for the Sabres. Looking forward to Thursday.

manda903 - October 3, 2009

Craig – I agree they need to score more goals. It wouldn’t have mattered if the goal stood if they’d scored more than one. And they certainly can’t count on Connolly for goal-scoring since he never plays a full season.

Thanks for reading!

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