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Sabres vs. Red Wings 10/13/09 Postmortem October 13, 2009

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Well. That was a good game. Hopefully fans will have a little more faith in this team now that they’ve run with the best. And, well, run over the best. There’s something different about this team. I feel it.


  • Goals. ‘Nuff said
  • Faceoffs. The Sabres finished at about  60% on the night. Apparently they took my advice and practiced winning faceoffs.
  • Defensemen moving up on the play. It’s about time.

Didn’t like:

  • Thomas Vanek flying into the end boards. Ouch. I hope he was kept out of the game for purely precautionary reasons.
  • Pominville missing the net. Pommer’s always shot a lot, and is probably one of the guys who miss most often. Normally I don’t have a problem with his “Throw it at the net” philosophy, but right now he looks like a little lost puppy. It’s time to have a one-night stand, Pommer. Pominville isn’t going to populate itself.
  • Cross-checking penalty on Mike Grier. Given what the refs let go, that seemed just silly to call.


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