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Which is better? October 13, 2009

Posted by calvin in Uncategorized.

A lot of  shots of lower quality or fewer, more high-quality chances?

Before you answer, consider this: yes, the goaltenders in the NHL, by and large, aren’t letting in a lot of softies. However, everyone makes mistakes.

So is it better to throw a puck at the net to see what happens, or try to make a better play which will challenge the goaltender more?



1. Richard - October 15, 2009

There’s 2 comments but the stupid system says “one comment so far”. Another 2 minutes to the system!

2. Richard - October 15, 2009

It’s a team thing. Lots of shots works good as long as you have people around the net to capitalize on the rebounds.
And I had to type this in twice because I forgot to put my email address in. You would think it would leave the text. Is the system trying to punish the users for making an error? Two minutes to the system for obnoxious conduct!

3. Cindy - October 13, 2009

I believe Thomas has redeeemed himself this evening… (Tues. vs Wings)

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