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Come down from the ledge, my friend October 15, 2009

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Thomas Vanek’s injury is not nearly as serious as first thought. The season is saved!

Ruff said he put Adam Mair with Roy and Stafford so he wouldn’t mess up the chemistry on the other lines by breaking them up. He also mentioned putting Paille or, God help us, Paetsch on that line.

You all know how I feel about Nathan Paetsch. I like Daniel Paille and Adam Mair just fine, but I have serious doubts about whether or not they can handle playing with guys like Roy and Stafford. Neither are All-Stars, but let’s face it, all three of the potential replacements for Thomas Vanek are fourth-line, role player types.

Thomas, come back soon!

UPDATE: Vanek practiced today. He thinks he can go this weekend, Ruff isn’t so sure. Vanek oftentimes gets his way with the coach, so we’ll see what happens.



1. black hattitude - October 31, 2009


Thank you for the great quality of your blog, every time i come here, i’m amazed.

black hattitude.

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