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Can Gaustad take all the faceoffs? October 17, 2009

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Gaustad is second in the NHL in faceoff win percentage. He’s clipping along at a gaudy 66.7%. The next closest Sabre is Roy with a still pretty good 52.6%, good for 37th in the league.

So why is Gaustad doing so well taking faceoffs? Is it his “push the other guy out of the way” method? Is it because he directs traffic for as long as possible before he takes his position in the faceoff circle?

I’m not sure – after all, Roy has the second-best faceoff win percentage, and we all know he isn’t muscling his competition out of the way. If I had to guess, Roy’s success has more to do with quickness than strength. As for directing traffic, Connolly does that too, and he’s only winning 41.3% of his draws.

Maybe Gaustad practices more. Maybe he says something mean to the opponent right before the puck is dropped. Maybe he takes his job as a faceoff man more seriously. Only Gaustad knows for sure, and if you asked him he’d probably shrug self-deprecatingly (is that a word?) and say he’s getting lucky. I’m sure he is, but not in the faceoff circle.



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