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Sabres 2009-2010 Strategy Session, Part 2 October 26, 2009

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When we left our sage strategists (Darcy Regier, Lindy Ruff, Brian McKutcheon, James Patrick, and Jim Corsi), they were forming a plan to not suck. It appears so far their plan has worked, although we all know it’s a loooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg season.

Let’s revisit their plan: not sucking.

So how did they go about this whole “not sucking” strategy?

  • They sent guys to Portland who weren’t getting the job done. I lurve Nathan Gerbe, but he needs a little more seasoning in his stew before he’s ready for the NHL. Mike Weber seems to have regressed after battling a slew of injuries.
  • They kept the guys who played well, no matter what their age/status was. Tyler Myers is a big risk for the Sabres to take. It doesn’t look like it now, but it is. Matt Ellis is still here because he works his butt off every single shift.
  • They have Ryan Miller playing like the cocky, defiant, elite goaltender he can be.
  • They have a sexy defensive corp made up of a balanced mix of tough, grizzled veterans and young, enthusiastic newbies. And Hank Tallinder, who is a veteran but also seems to be a teddy bear. You’re a big guy, Hank.
  • That same defense is contributing on offense too.
  • The entire team is playing “the system” *cue scary music*.
  • The shot totals are downright gaudy, especially the shot differential.
  • There are secret weapons to pull out in a shootout. Helllloooooo, Tyler Myers.

For the next umpteenth weeks, the Sabres play Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Clear your weekend, kids – this could be an entertaining ride.



1. Derek J. Punaro - October 27, 2009

I was so tired Saturday that I couldn’t even stay awake during the shootout, but Rick woke me up when Tyler put away the game winner.

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