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Sabres vs. Leafs 10/30/09 Postmortem October 30, 2009

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I love going to these games when the Sabres were owning the Leafs. I hate going to these games when the Sabres were struggling against the Leafs. One thing that’s indisputable – the atmosphere is always interesting. Well, two things are indisputable – the tickets are too rich for my blood, so I don’t go to these games anymore. Pity.

The Sabres did not play well, and still won the game. My guess is it’s not because the Sabres are soooo much better than the Leafs, but rather that the Leafs REALLY blow.


  • Making the Leafs take a whole bunch of penalties.
  • Defensemen clearing the crease. Miller is only ‘ittle. You need to protect him.
  • The Sabres blocked a lot of shots in the third. They still allowed a mess of shots to get through, though.
  • That Matt Stajan was dumb, dumb, dumb.

Didn’t like:

  • After making the Leafs take a bunch of penalties the Sabres failed to score on their power plays.
  • Too many shots allowed on the Leafs power plays.
  • Too many shots allowed in general.
  • Tyler Myers must’ve started feeling all cushy now that he’s staying and decided it was a good time to start taking dumb penalties.
  • No shots on goal for at least the first seven minutes of the third period.
  • Derek Roy gave away the puck an awful lot.

When a Myers falls in the forest but there’s no one around to hear him, did he still make a noise?

Next game: tomorrow night vs. the Islanders, who made Jose Theodore look like a bantam goalie tonight.



1. Richard - October 31, 2009

I agree that was a pretty ugly win last night. Toronto didn’t let up, and their goalie had a good game. I hope the Sabres have more intensity tonight!

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