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The 13th forward November 10, 2009

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  • Adam Mair cleared waivers today. The Sabres are not sending him down to Portland, so we’ll assume they’re keeping him around in case someone gets injured.
    I like Adam Mair – he’s a good guy, but I’m not sure he has a place here. I can’t help but think he’s not suited to the Sabres’ future plans, which is too bad, but happens all the time. For his sake, I would like to see him go somewhere he can play.
  • This morning on WGR Lindy talked about the advantages and disadvantages of the Wed/Fri/Sat schedule the team has for the next several weeks.
    He said it was good to have Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday off – that way he can give the team off on Sunday, do a hard practice on Monday, and concentrate on special teams on Tuesday.
    On the other hand, playing three games in four nights can make that last game, especially, pretty difficult to keep up the energy for. I think we all witnessed that recently…
  • Lindy also talked about hits to the head. I think he’s right on with his opinion that he likes hitting in the game, but doesn’t condone deliberate head shots.
    He broke down the mechanics of a hit and explained why it’s impossible sometimes not to hit the player in the head. He said it was literally the matter of 3/4 of a second that can change a hit from a clean one to a dirty one. Apparently the Sabres actually went through game film frame-by-frame to arrive at that conclusion.
    I don’t know about you, but that sounds like split-second timing and I can understand why these hits sometimes get out of hand. That being said, there are dirty players in the league to do head hunt and there’s no place for them in the NHL.
  • The Sabres face Edmonton tomorrow night, then play Calgary before heading to Philly to try to avenge their loss there. I’m curious about which Sabres team will show up – the gritty one I saw in the first 10 games or the wussy team I hate watching. I vote for the gritty team!


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