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Sabres vs. Oilers 11/11/09 Postmortem November 11, 2009

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We don’t see Edmonton very often, but they’re a spunky little team. Is it sad that when I saw Mike Comrie I thought to myself – “Wow, that’s a long way from Hilary Duff”? Yeah, I know. It’s sad.

The Sabres should have had the advantage with three days off vs the Oilers, who played in Ottawa and went all the way to a shootout. In the first period they did, but backed off a little in the second period. They took more penalties than I would like in the second too, and considering they’re only killing about 80% of their penalties, that’s never a good idea. They seemed to overwhelm the tired Oilers in the third. I like overwhelming teams.

Jochen was maaad again. I like him an awful lot when he’s  mad. Other than that I don’t have any strong feelings for him one way or the other. I was thinking about this tonight – have you ever seen Jason Pominville bitching at the refs? I don’t think I ever have. He talks to them, gives his team’s take on the situation, and gets clarifications, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him bitch. I fall in love (platonically, of course – I’m a married woman) with Pommer a little more every game I watch.

Non-Sabres related commentary: Did you see how Pittsburgh went down to four defensemen during their game w/LA a few days ago? Oy. I know it’s happened to the Sabres too but, geez, it must suuuuuuuck.


  • Lindy trusting Tyler Myers on a 5-on-3 kill.
  • The dive by Paul Gaustad during the 4-on-3. H/T to Mike Robitaille for pointing it out.
  • Steve Montador’s first goal. He’s had a lot of chances – it was only a matter of time.
  • Having Corey Perry on my fantasy team. I’m back to 2nd place in my league! (Full disclosure: there are only 12 teams in my league, so it’s not like I’m leading over a thousand other teams…)
  • Toni Lydman and Nathan Paetsch gettin’ down at the Catwalk for Charity. Also check out Drew Stafford. Really, the whole video is worth watching. Oh, and Jhonas Enroth looked sooooo uncomfortable. Hee.
  • Gilbert taking a dumb dumb dumb penalty mugging Pat Kaleta.
  • An empty net & Jochen Hecht. It’s money in the bank.

Didn’t like:

  • The stupid-looking mustache Patrick O’Sullivan was sporting. (Hey, I can like or dislike anything I want to!)
  • Thomas Vanek not shooting enough.

Note to Thomas: you score 40 goals a season. That means you, by far, have the most goals of anyone on the team.
When you get the puck on your stick, shoot.

Love, Amanda

  • Sucky power plays. You would’ve thought they would have a definite advantage in power plays as the game went on, but apparently not. Less passes, more shooting. And why is Tim Connolly playing the off side on the power play? It doesn’t look right. Or make sense.
  • Thomas Vanek’s penalties. I should’ve just made one bullet and simply put “Thomas Vanek”.
  • Missing shots. Apparently the Sabres need shooting practice. I suggest putting a picture of Sean Avery up in the net and going to town.



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