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Search Terms Fun November 19, 2009

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As some of you may know, WordPress allows you to see what search terms people use to find your blog. Now, I have no idea why someone who searched for “Little Bo Peep” got my blog in their results, but hey, we don’t discriminate against shepherdesses here at 2 Minutes for Roughing.

Someone out there is making a concerted effort to become, I speculate, either the girlfriend or the wife of Tyler Myers. Well, either that or there are several girls out there who want to know “How much money does Tyler Myers make”.

Another fan seems to enjoy figuring out if her “Jason Pominville fantasies” mesh with the rest of the world’s. I couldn’t tell you. Pominville is my favorite player by far, but fantasizing about him? Can’t say as I do. Sorry.

A third searcher wants to know if “Carrie Underwood Mike Fisher breakup” has happened. Not from what I’ve heard, but I’ll let you know if I do.

Here’s something that might explain the recent play of Thomas Vanek. In the past couple of weeks the search string “Thomas Vanek party” has shown up. I know he rocks a pair of cycling shorts, but that’s about it for my information. Oh, and Goose looks good in tennis whites. Had to throw that in. Must give the boy props when he’s playing as well as he is.

Oh, and for the person who asked “How did the Sabres do 11/18/09”? Um, not well. Read the postmortem.



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