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Sabres vs Senators 11/21/09 Postmortem November 21, 2009

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Let me say this right off the bat: Though I’m sure he’s a swell guy, I haaattteeee Daniel Alfredsson. I was happy when Dany Heatley left the Eastern Conference, but I’d be ecstatic if Daniel Alfredsson terrorized the Western Conference too.

Tim Kennedy scares me a little. I’ll admit it. He’s so small, and yet he goes right into the middle of these scrums.

I was originally thinking about doing a “dislike” for having Gaustad and Vanek on the same power play unit, but it did seem to work out.

Memo to the Sabres: Scoring more than one goal would make winning easier.

EDIT: Whoever searched for “Drew Stafford hairy” made my day.


  • The pass by Connolly on the first Buffalo power play. I’m not a fan of Connolly, but I sat up and took notice of that pass.
  • Hits were 15-4 Sabres after the first period.
  • Lalime’s play. Maybe it was playing his old team, but he was pretty solid in net.
  • The interview with Tyler Myers. What a cutie.
  • Lindy Ruff put Andrej Sekera at forward instead of Nathan Paetsch. Huh. I like it.
  • Tyler Myers playing on the 5 on 3, not for the first time this season. It’s hard not to get carried away with the excitement regarding this kid.
  • The Senators missing so many shots on the same 5 on 3. As I used to say about Alexei Zhitnik, those guys couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with a peashooter.

Didn’t like:

  • The first several minutes of play. The Sabres looked pretty sluggish and were lucky Ottawa didn’t score.
  • Pat Kaleta checking Andrej Sekera. An accident, I’m quite sure, but still… careful, Patty.
  • The second Ottawa goal. Man, I hate that dude.
  • Lalime got run over and nobody on the Sabres reacted. Now, sure, maybe it wasn’t the time or the place, but I hope they at least saw the number on the back of that guy’s jersey.
  • Roy and Hecht, wearing the A’s tonight, both in the penalty box. I am not a fan of the delay of game penalty for putting the puck over the glass. I understand it, but I don’t like it.
  • Yet another second period full of penalties. Not a good way to win the game, fellas.
  • MSG going to commercial during live play on Buffalo’s penalty. Game came back and there was 1.10 left on the penalty.
  • The sudden inability of the Sabres to win key faceoffs. Where are you when we need you, Goose?
  • The lack of an HD picture because Cablevision doesn’t want to make a deal with Verizon for the HD to run on FiOS. I am not a fan of fuzzy pucks.

The Sabres, yet again, are off until Wednesday. They play the Capitals and the Flyers on the road, then come home to play Carolina one week from today. I was hoping Carolina would still be horrendously awful when the Sabres played them, but they’ve won a few games. Boooo. At least they only play the Flyers once more after this game. I don’t like those little Flyers bastards either.



1. Kathleen - November 21, 2009

Goose’s faceoff stats have been steadily tanking over the last 2 weeks. He went from an astonishing 81% in the Edmonton game to 38% tonight. If Captain Kid Toews has a good night in the circle he might overtake Gaustad tonight. I don’t want to say that the Sabres’ fortunes rise and fall with Goose’s faceoff stats, but boy if it doesn’t seem like they do.

2. Cindy - November 21, 2009

I don’t like Alfredsson either, for the same reason you don’t. He scores a goal on us every damn game! Grrr.

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