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Sabres vs Flyers 11/27/09 Postmortem November 27, 2009

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As we all know, the Sabres are on a 4-game losing streak. Darcy Regier, according to the article in the Buffalo News, doesn’t seem concerned. Are you all worried? I can’t say I am. Why? Because defense and goaltending are far harder to straighten out than scoring is. We all know there are guys who can score on this team. It’s only a matter of time before the puck starts going in.


  • What a move by Stafford on the first goal. I am often down on Stafford because I think he could be a truly great player if he tried a little harder. But I give credit where it’s due, and that was a great move.
  • Through a little more than one period, Stafford is 83% on faceoffs. For some reason he’s taken six faceoffs. Huh. Through two periods, he’s still at 63%. Do you think Goose is making all the forwards practice faceoffs with him? Pommer’s been pretty good on faceoffs too. Maybe Goose should spend more time with Kennedy, though – he’s sucking out. UPDATE: Stafford was 74% for the day, which is a good thing considering Gaustad got injured.
  • Papa Rivet should be proud of how his son performed during that first fight. It didn’t look like Carcillo landed too many. Hmmm, the second fight was a little more even. But Carcillo’s a Flyer, so I think Rivet won the fight.
  • Awww, loved the features in between periods about the Sabredaddies trip. Man, Goose looked sooooo uncomfortable. Was Myers slouching? His dad is like 4-5 inches shorter than him. Papa Pominville is a looker. Papa Montador is a nice-looking man too. What do they call those guys? Silver foxes or something. I could do without the silly hats the boys were wearing. Why do people wear winter hats indoors? I’ll never understand it. Moving on…
  • The Hank Tallinder we knew and loved is back. I think I can say that definitively after what, 25 games or so…
  • What a deflection by Gaustad.
  • I really liked seeing Tallinder defending himself. Maybe he finally figured out he’s a big guy.
  • MacArthur made a really nice pass to Connolly for that goal. Funny enough, I thought that was Connolly doing the passing…
  • Let’s all say a prayer of thanks Tim Connolly has been healthy thus far this season.

Didn’t like:

  • Kaleta didn’t deserve a 5-minute boarding penalty for that hit. Part of the reason the guy went down so hard was because he got hit by more than one guy at once. Kaleta didn’t accelerate into him, his stick was down, his elbow was down. I am surely not advocating dirty hits, but that was not a hit that should’ve taken Kaleta out of the game.
  • So wait, that hit on Myers wasn’t worth five minutes? Your stick has to be pretty high to hit Myers in the face. As the rules say, you’re responsible for your stick at all times. And do we really think that was purely unintentional? Y’all have met Richards, right? Not exactly a Boy Scout, that one.
  • Scott Hartnell is one ugggly dude. What is it about playing for Philly that makes guys ugly?
  • Where was the clock/score at the top of the screen? It was gone for at least half of the game. It’s pretty annoying not to know how much penalty time is left, etc.
  • I’m sorry to say Vanek doesn’t seem good for much if he’s not scoring.
  • What were the refs talking about after the second Rivet fight? China patterns or a nice set of candlesticks for the outfielder who’s marrying the town slut because she let him give her his testimony?
  • Huh. Carcillo doesn’t get tossed out of the game for screaming obscenities at the officials but Kaleta does for that hit? I don’t get it, I just don’t.
  • You know, I heard Myers used to fight all the time until his coaches told him to stop. That mentality might come in handy since guys are roughing him up more and more these days.

I think Laperriere can attest to the fact that a guy can have a heavy shot even if he’s not big. Teach him to get his face in the way…

Let’s face it – this was a big win.

Ok, so who wants to text me tomorrow night to remind me to use our Sabrebucks card for food at the arena? TOTALLY forgot last time. Sigh. Staal is coming back for the Hurricanes tomorrow night. Fabulous. Let’s hope they still suck.



1. Kathleen - November 28, 2009

What were the refs talking about after the second Rivet fight? China patterns or a nice set of candlesticks for the outfielder who’s marrying the town slut because she let him give her his testimony?

Now I have Pumpkin Ale up my nose. Thank you so much.

I had to listen to the 2nd period in my car. I’m so sad I missed Carcillo tantruming in the box.

And it’s a requirement for Flyers to be either really ugly or really mean (preferably both.) That’s why Marty Biron didn’t work out.

manda903 - November 28, 2009

You’re welcome. I live to make people spit beverages at their keyboards. 😉

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