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Sabres vs Hurricanes 11/28/09 Postmortem November 28, 2009

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One player played 60 minutes. 22 players played 19 minutes. But because the Canes are laughingly bad at hockey, the Sabres still managed to snatch a win from the jaws of defeat. It wasn’t pretty, but it was two points. I was at this game, and though everyone around me was all over the guys, I was cautiously optimistic. Turns out I was right. Yay!

So who thinks Ryan Miller kicked some teammate butt in between the 2nd and the 3rd?


  • Mike Grier. When he put a big hit on a guy I yelled “Fear the Grier” before I could stop myself. It got a laugh in my section. 😉
  • Jochen Hecht. I love watching Hecht when he’s fired up. He dropped that one guy in the slot and then gave him an extra shot. I wanted to stand up and clap but no one else was, so I didn’t.
  • Ryan Miller. Thank you, Captain Obvious.
  • Tyler Myers AFTER the horrible giveaway. For a 19-year-old kid he was remarkably composed after committing that horrendous offense. Three assists, two on the power play. Really not a bad game despite the gaffe.
  • Derek Roy. He and Tim Kennedy were their usual annoying selves, and that’s why we love them.
  • Chris Butler’s stick sweeping away the puck at the very last minute after it got behind Miller.
  • Adam Mair doing a swan dive to prevent a too many men penalty. Unintentionally hilarious.

Didn’t like:

  • How Ryan Miller was forced to skate up and down the ice for two periods straight by himself playing goal, offense, and defense because he was the only freaking Sabre who showed up for the first 40 minutes.
  • The total lack of effectiveness of clearing the puck out of the defensive zone. My baby could’ve put a stronger clearing pass on than those guys did.
  • The rest of Chris Butler’s game. Dude couldn’t even stay on his feet. He looked like a baby giraffe fresh out of the womb.
  • The lazy passes, oh, the lazy passes.
  • The number of wide open nets Thomas Vanek missed. I was glad when he scored. I was afraid he was going to go home and commit hari-kari.

Well, the Hurricanes are now 0-10-3 on the year for road games. Aside: are the Hurricanes the oldest average team in the league? I can’t think of one who has as many old fellows as the Canes: Brind’amour, Gleason, Cullen, Corvo, Ward (Aaron)…

Next up – Toronto! If I’m not mistaken they suck too, so my prediction is 40 minutes of total crap and 20 minutes of competent hockey should earn the Sabres another victory.



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