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Sabres vs Canadiens 12/3/09 Postmortem December 3, 2009

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The game is already half over, but I DVR’d it so hopefully this won’t go up too late. My daughter turned one today, so we were at the in-laws having a birthday dinner. Under full disclosure, I know the score at this point, and based on that, I’m very excited to actually watch this game. You picked a good one to go to, Virginia!

I will also predict Ryan Miller will get scored on soon since SabresDotCom Tweeted about Miller’s shutout streak in minutes a little bit ago. Aaaand he does.

Wow – the Canadiens look flatter than an Old World map. I am a big fan of completely demoralizing teams. For a moment I was confused about Montreal’s  T. Pyatt. It’s not Taylor, it’s Tom. Dunno if there’s any relation.


  • Annnd again Drew Stafford is a stud on faceoffs. I like it. I like it very much. UPDATE: After two periods he’s at 83%. No other Sabre is over 50%.
  • Pommer is active tonight – he’s already got 2-3 shots five minutes into this game. That usually means good things. Annnnd it does mean a good thing.
  • Kaleta plans to keep up his style of play. I say if Ovie can Kaleta certainly can. Really, how bad/dirty can Kaleta’s play be if he draws more penalties than he takes?
  • Lindy dressed seven d-men. Yay! Welcome, Mr. Sekera.
  • Hecht has played a great couple of games. This is much better than Mr. “I’ll skate around aimlessly” Hecht.
  • I kind of like Sekera’s accent. It’s a little different.
  • Huh. They are playing Myers right to the side of the net on the power play. Interesting idea. And yet he just chased down one of the penalty killers when the guy would’ve been facing Pominville and Connolly.
  • Miller looks cocky. He’s reading the plays, not getting out of position, not reacting too soon. Cocky Miller=successful Sabres.
  • Vanek is getting assists, which is better than nothing. Who knew he was such a playmaker? Three assists. Nice.

Didn’t like:

  • As of a few minutes into the second period, I’m pretty happy with everything. No bad things yet. 😉
  • Butler’s injury didn’t look good.
  • Somebody has put a price on the referee’s head. Oy.
  • Montreal appears totally disinterested in this game. They don’t even seem to care enough to start any scrums.
  • What’s this “letting the Habs take shots” BS? That doesn’t work well with the “completely demoralize the other team” strategy. Don’t let the team back in. Put your foot on their collective throat and press down until their eyes bug out. Nice visual, huh?
  • Hey Mara – how about not being a douche?

The Sabres are going to get mighty used to home cookin’ – they have a bunch of games at home coming up. Here’s hoping they don’t decide to get cute. Perhaps I need to issue an open letter to the guys along the lines of “We like goals, and we don’t care if they’re pretty or not. They’re goals. Goals=good.”



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