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Sabres vs Devils 12/7/09 Postmortem December 7, 2009

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Reality is intruding on my hockey habit. I need to go get groceries since I’m busy the next three nights. However, never fear. I am DVR’ing the game, and when I have 1 – a list 2 – no babies, the chore goes pretty quickly.

Predictably the announcers on Versus are all but making love to Tyler Myers. Somewhere Sidney Crosby is muttering, “What about me? Am I old news?”

I’m sure it’s just me, but Doc Emrick’s “Drive!” annoys the hell out of me. I want my Rick Jeanneret.

Well, five minutes through the second and I have neither gone to get groceries nor liked anything I’ve seen out of the Sabres. At the end of the second I still haven’t found anything I liked. Frankly, this game is boring the heck out of me. I might not even bother to do Liked/Didn’t Like for this game.

Aaaaannnndddd when I got back from getting groceries and saw the boys had stunk up the joint again, I decided that what I’ve written so far is going to be my post.

Washington comes in on Wednesday. Let’s try not to suck, eh?



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