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Sabres vs. Capitals 12/9/09 Postmortem December 9, 2009

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The Sabres went through a lengthy video session and a 70-minute practice yesterday. I believe the theme of the video session was “How not to suck”. After watching the last two Sabres games I figured Alex Ovechkin would be practically drooling. We’ll see what happens. Pat Kaleta just smiled when reporters asked him if he was going to go headhunting. I love that kid.

I have Brooks Laich in my fantasy league. He’s getting me a lot of points, but I’d be ok if he didn’t get me any tonight.


  • Roy just made a diving pokecheck¬† to break up a Capitals rush.
  • They’re not giving AO very much room to wheel and deal.
  • So far Jose Theodore doesn’t look great. He’s coughing up some pretty juicy rebounds. The best thing I’ve heard today is that Simeon Varlamov is injured.
  • Another great effort by Ryan Miller.
  • Thomas Vanek is getting into scrums in the front of the net. That’s usually a good sign.
  • What is it with the diving pokechecks? Lydman just did it too. Maybe he’s trying to impress Teppo Numinenn so Teppo will pick him for the Finnish National Team. I hear Teppo takes bribes in the form of Poronkaristys. Look it up. I dare you. Poor Rudolph.
  • Aaaaannndddd Gerbe gets his first. Yay! I’m guessing he’s going to be grinning like an idiot for a while.

He doesn’t look happy in this picture, but I assure you, he is one giddy dude tonight.

  • At the end of two it’s 3-0. I would like to point out that the highest-scoring team in the NHL is being shut out tonight. It proves these nights can happen to anyone.

Didn’t like:

  • The power play. It simply isn’t very powerful.
  • The Sabres are not doing well in the faceoff circle. Hurry back, Goose! Here’s a get-well HONK for you!
  • When Myers goes down it looks like a mighty oak being felled. I believe it reverberates like an oak tree as well.
  • Faceoffs=not good. Not good at all. Hecht: 10%, Kennedy 20%, Connolly 20%, Pommer/Stafford/Vanek 0% collectively.

You’ll be relieved to know your weekend plans are taken care of – the Sabres are playing Friday AND Saturday. Friday’s game is against the red-hot Blackhawks, and the Sabres will travel to the Garden to face those lovely Rangers again.

For your holiday needs, 289 has a new set of Kaleta Collision shirts. Nice!



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