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Sabres vs Rangers 12/12/09 Postmortem December 12, 2009

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Once again the Sabres are playing the Rangers and Eric Jordan Jared Marc Staal. Of course, that jerky treat Sean Avery is playing, so I’m hoping one of the guys is feeling a little ornery. Kaleta Collision, anyone? Old pal Chris Drury is suiting up, too, but he scores less than a pimply 15-year-old with a stutter. On to the game…


  • Lundqvist looks very ordinary. HUGE rebounds.
  • The Sabres came out with a lot of energy. They kept it up for the most part, when they weren’t killing penalties. Ahem.
  • Despite letting in two (so far), Miller is playing well again.
  • Several players had really good games: Mair, Kaleta, Ellis, Vanek, Montador, Lydman…
  • Stafford isn’t doing anything overtly good, but it seems like he’s skating and involved, which makes him a much better hockey player.

Didn’t like:

  • Note to the Sabres: Taking lots and lots of penalties is not a good strategy for winning, even when Kaleta is killing penalties and making Lunqvist look silly.
  • Harry Neale, but that’s nothing new. I should make him part of my template in the “Didn’t like” column.
  • In-game faceoff win percentage: No Sabre is under 33% – yay! Conversely, Tim Connolly is at 71%. Why is this in the “didn’t like column”? Because the players between 33-40% are: Roy, MacArthur, Kennedy, Hecht, and Ellis. Pommer is at 50%. Good boy.
  • Note to Tim Connolly: Shooooooooot.

I was happy to see Kaleta get a few tonight. I wish he would do more in most games than hit people. Don’t get me wrong – I rather enjoy him annoying the hell out of the competition and forcing them to take penalties. The thing is – I know Kaleta is a much better hockey player than it looks like when all you see is his hitting. He’s a very good skater, works tirelessly in the corners, is an effective penalty killer, and, as Lunqvist saw today, he’s got a whale of a shot. I know Lindy is trying to get him to do more than just hit.

Gutsy win. On to Montreal to face Les Habitants.



1. Kathleen - December 13, 2009

he scores less than a pimply 15-year-old with a stutter

That was mean. I like it 😉

I’ve been keeping a close eye on the faceoff reports, especially since Goose has been out. The weird thing is that Ellis, Mac, Connolly, Hecht, Roy, and Stafford have all had good nights in the circle, but no one consistently. Kennedy, though, is consistently bad.

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