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Sabres vs Senators 12/16/09 Postmortem December 16, 2009

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The Goose is almost loose! Great news from the Sabres – Gaustad is skating. Butler and Gerbe are not, but getting Gaustad back would be huge. The team has played well in his absence but I think they’d still rather have him there. 😉

Tonight, the Senators. I hate these guys. No Spezza or Neil playing makes it easier to bear, though. Apparently dating Carrie Underwood is good for Mike Fisher’s game. He’s got 14 goals already, one more than he had ALL of last season.


  • Tim “The Terrier” Kennedy is getting this game going physically, pretty much by himself. The rest of them are still napping at the hotel.
  • The boys made their annual holiday visit to Children’s Hospital. You can watch and say “Awww” at the appropriate times here.
  • Miller was Miller, and this season, that’s a very, very good thing.
  • Look at that Myers kid go!
  • I like that Connolly is shooting the puck on the power play. They’re not going in, but they will.
  • Whoa. Pommer just threw a check. Well, he fulfilled the hits quota in his contract early in the season. Now he can concentrate on being adorable and nice.
  • Andrej Sekera was named to the Slovakian Olympic team. Congrats, Rej! The Slovakian team sounds surprisingly competitive. They might surprise some people.

Didn’t like:

  • I might’ve mentioned this before but the Winter Classic commercial makes it look like these guys have never seen snow. It doesn’t make them look awed, it makes them look dumb. Just my opinion…
  • Forgot to change my fantasy team on time so I’m missing out on two players. Sigh.
  • Is Harry wearing make-up?
  • Five shots in the first period and no scoring chances? Really, guys? Really. For shame.
  • Jarkko Ruutu doesn’t have to be the kind of player he is. I know why he plays like he does, of course. But he’s got skill. That being said, that hit was ridiculous.
  • The power play was, um, bad.
  • This game is about to get ugly. We’re in the second period right after the Ruutu hit and the Connolly slash.
  • Oy. Halfway through this game and the Sabres’ faceoff win percentage is atrocious. Ellis, Hecht, Kennedy, Mair – what do they have in common? Their collective faceoff win percentage is a big fat ZERO.
  • I didn’t like Cellino & Barnes before. Now I really hate them.
  • Hey wait – Staffy played in this game?

Well, they deserved to lose this game. The only reason they hung in as long as they did is Miller. If I was Miller I’d be spending some time post-game tearing into my team in the locker room.

The difference between this team playing well and playing like poop are like night and day. Some teams plod into wins and losses alike – this team plays very well during many of their wins and frightfully badly in their losses.

Shameless plug for the ole’ day job: Sandy Beach from WBEN will be broadcasting live from Roswell Park tomorrow (12/17) from 3-6pm. He’ll be talking to some of our best people, and Mike Robitaille is making an appearance too! Listen here.



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