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Sabres vs Leafs 12/18/09 Postmortem December 18, 2009

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Hopefully the guys were able to eat more than crackers and ginger ale before tonight’s game.

The Goose is loose!


  • Besides that silly goal in the first Ryan Miller looks strong again tonight.
  • When the Sabres did shoot, they scored. It’s 2-1 Buffalo and the Sabres have scored on both of their shots in this period.
  • Hecht has been a formidable dude to play against in the last couple of games. It’s time for Marty Biron to pipe in, “Jochen’s maaaaadddd.” If you don’t know what I’m talking about, oh well.
  • Four goals on 10 shots. Heh. Buh-bye, Vesa Toskala.
  • Aaaand the faceoffs are much better. Shocking. Tim Kennedy, I repeat, Tim Kennedy, is at 75% so far (after two).
  • That goal was the Vanek we know and love.
  • I know I say something almost every game about Myers, but tough. Here’s one more: I love the way he’s moving up ice tonight. I’d think twice before trying to poke check him. If you miss he’ll be in Alabama before you look up.

Didn’t like:

  • No fight, no energy in the first period, as evidenced by a total of four shots in that timeframe.
  • I like that Cellino & Barnes are giving money to the JDF for Roy’s goals, but I hate hate hate those pop-up ads.
  • Rob Ray, buy a thesaurus for the love of Pete. That would be “fantastic”.


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