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Sabres vs Leafs 12/21/09 Postmortem December 21, 2009

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Can we petition the league to let the Sabres play 12 games against the Leafs and none against Ottawa? Who’s with me?

Thomas Vanek is still injured from the shot he took to the abdomen, and Pat Kaleta’s still feeling the effects of the Ruutu hit. That means that my least favorite Sabre, Nathan “I should be playing in the AHL” Paetsch is in and playing on the fourth line. Hopefully he won’t get enough ice time to do any damage. Butler appears to be ready to play, but Lindy usually doesn’t mess with the lineup when the team is winning.


  • The Sabres are dictating the play. Any game that goes with the Sabres’ timeframe is a good thing.
  • Heh. It appears perhaps Gustavsson isn’t any better than Toskala – he lets in a real soft one. Getting the first goal should be big for the Sabres. And hey – it was Paetsch! That will negate some mistake he’ll make later.
  • They’re running Gustavsson a little bit now. Eventually he’ll cough one up.
  • Thank God for Ryan Miller.
  • Good boy, Roysie.

Didn’t like:

  • Where did Staffy go this season? He’s certainly not in Buffalo.
  • Uh, yeah. With three minutes to go in the first Gaustad is the ONLY Sabre to win a faceoff.
  • This game is booooooorrrriiiiiinnnggggg.
  • The Sabres’ intensity level is nil in the second period so far.
  • Truthfully I didn’t think they’d tie it up. Gustavsson didn’t play particularly well, but the Sabres just weren’t getting anything going. They took less shots than Toronto, had more giveaways, less takeaways, less hits, and got killed on faceoffs.

Well, I think the best thing you can say is “they found a way to win the game”. On to the capital. Hopefully the airport is open. 😉



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