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The all Myers, all the time post December 27, 2009

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This has been rattling around in my head for a few weeks, which could explain why I’m forgetting stuff lately. Well, I hope it does, anyway.

Before I begin I would like to make one point perfectly, completely clear:


This post is actually because I like him.

So Myers is putting in 23-28 minutes of ice time every game. Here’s the gist of my problem: I think that’s too much. *ducking* Now, before you get all defensive of our newest infatuation, let me explain why.

  1. I think he’s going to wear down. I don’t care that he’s 19 and in prime physical shape – he’s never played this many games in this time period against such good opponents while putting in that amount of minutes.
  2. I think he’s already starting to make mistakes. We all knew going into the season he would make mistakes. That’s ok – he’s a rookie. What excuse Toni Lydman uses, I’m not sure. Admit it: when Lydman makes a mistake it’s a dandy. Getting back to Myers… the types of mistakes I’m watching him make are partly rookie mistakes and partly what I would consider “breaking down” mistakes. I fear that type of mistake will only increase as the season goes on.
  3. I know Ruff is as in love with him as we all are, but geez – you’ve got a pretty good defense corps. Use them. In the St. Louis game Tyler racked up nearly 26 minutes. The next closest defenseman, Henrik Tallinder, barely registered 23. Lydman and Montador had about 20, and Rivet and Butler came in at around 14 minutes. Rivet’s ice time was hurt by the 5-minute major for fighting, I’m sure, and Ruff wanted to ease Butler back into the lineup. But there’s a trend here, and it happens every game.

I’m worried he’ll falter, like almost every young defenseman does, and then struggle. I can’t go through another entire year of watching a player whose season is self-destructing (see Campbell, Brian: 1999-2004). Tyler is at such a sensitive age right now, and if the Sabres rush him, I’m afraid it will hurt his development. I’m actually surprised at how they’re handling Myers. The Sabres’ front office are notoriously patient people (see Campbell, Brian: 1999-2004). In fact, many times they’re TOO patient (see Paetsch, Nathan: entire career as a Sabre).

Anyway, for what it’s worth, I’m worried. I hope Tyler has a long and fruitful career here – I like the big lug a lot.



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