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Sabres vs Penguins 12/29/09 Postmortem December 29, 2009

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I believe I mentioned in a prior post how Pittsburgh is one of those teams I’m always nervous to play. They’re never out of a game. They don’t have a discernable weakness that I can see.

I’m looking forward to the Winter Classic. I’ll watch it while I do other stuff, but it’s a neat thing even if it’s not in your town. We all know Buffalo did it best, but these other cities can try.


  • The effort in the first period was good. Hopefully they’ll keep that up.
  • They’re getting chances, but on the other hand, they’re missing them, so it’s kind of a glass half-full thing (I’m an optimist).
  • Well now. Helllooooo Drew Stafford. Welcome back. I say we bench him once every 10-20 games.
  • The Pens seem to be panicking a bit here in the third period. The Sabres are swarming them. Much as I like the Pens, I’m not a fan of Marc-Andre Fleury. I know it’s hard to argue w/a Stanley Cup, but I don’t think he’s an elite goaltender.
  • I always tell the hubby not to worry until the game actually ends. He never believes me. Silly man.
  • I just fell in love with Myers a little bit more for throwing Malkin to the ground unceremoniously.

Didn’t like:

  • Nathan Paetsch in the lineup. Can’t we pretend he’s hurt and put him on IR?
  • Halfway through the first period the most effective player for the Sabres is Adam Mair. That concerns me.
  • Tyler Myers got beat clean by Tyler Kennedy on that first goal. Kennedy’s got some serious jets, but our Tyler was spinning like a top looking for him.
  • The Pens are getting way too close to Miller. He’s your meal ticket, boys – kick their asses if they so much as look at him funny.
  • Aaannnddd our elite goaltender gets pulled.
  • The power play looks like doo-doo. (ETA: Not so much when Pommer scored, though!)

We can only hope the monkey is off the backs of Pominville and Stafford. I think Vanek is rounding into form, so maybe they’ll be ok!

Next game is Friday I believe, after the Winter Classic.



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