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Bobby Orr, Bobby Clarke, and James Taylor January 1, 2010

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So once again, it’s Winter Classic day. I have to admit, the NHL does a great job on these. I hope they’re gaining the fans they’re trying to – if I wasn’t a hockey fan, I would be after watching these games.

These two teams are pretty well-matched, and it should be a good game. I don’t like the Flyers much, but it’s hard to root for the Bruins since Mark Recchi plays for them. He’s a whiny little, um, player. Moving on…

Scott Hartnell is doing his job – disrupting Tim Thomas. If it’s true Hartnell’s wife is sleeping with Jeff Carter, I can see why. Hartnell is one fuuuugly dude. So is Daniel Carcillo. I was surprised Carcillo did as well against Scott Thornton as he did. Thornton is a tough customer.

Just in case you’re wondering why these thoughts are all unrelated and rambling, it’s because I’m sick. My daughter had a cold a few days ago and very kindly gave it to me. I’m feeling a little droopy and sleepy. Hopefully I’ll be able to take a nap before the Sabres game tonight. Speaking of that, I believe Derek Roy is returning to the lineup. I’m hoping Max isn’t going to smoke Myers again. He seems to be a guy who learns from his mistakes, so hopefully he’s figured out that the most effective way for him to stop Max is to throw him into the sixth row. I don’t want him to hurt Max – I like Max, but let’s face it – that IS the most effective way for a very large man to defend against a very small, shifty opponent.

I’ll post my usual postmortem after the game tonight, including my thoughts on the Team USA Olympic roster.

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