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Sabres vs Canadiens 1/3/10 Postmortem January 3, 2010

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So I’m sick. I have a cold, and I also have asthma. This means every cold is something to be taken seriously. Sigh. I DVR’d the game, and it’s now almost 10pm on Sunday night. I know who wins the game (yay, Ryan Miller!), but I’m watching the game anyway. That’s the kind of devotion I have to my fans, all five of you. 😉

Who else is not excited about the idea of a two-week Western Conference road trip? While I am aware the Sabres have not lost a game vs. the West yet it seems like they don’t play well on these road trips. Conversely, though, maybe it will be a chance for the guys to spend every freeging moment with each other, I mean, bond like brothers, and it will show in more consistent play.

Anyway, the Sabres are playing the Canadiens…


  • Pommer just had a whale of a shift about 1:30 into the game. That’s the Pommer we know and love. Pommer had the best game I’ve seen him have in quite a while. Was he playing well cuz he had his peeps there? Did Mama and Papa Pommer come down for the game?
  • It’s somewhat anticlimactic when I don’t have to worry about anyone scoring on Miller, but it’s also strangely peaceful.
  • Is it just me, or are the Sabres skating faster than the Canadiens?
  • Perhaps we should tell Jochen Hecht he’s not making the German Olympic team more often. Dude’s been auf feuer (that’s “on fire” to you non-German speakers) since then. Tonight he was 83% on faceoffs. No other Sabre was better than 50%, other than Adam Mair, who took one faceoff and won it.
  • Hey, some pushing and shoving when the forwards get too close to Miller! Good job, boys!
  • Awww. Paul Hamilton. I like him. He’s smart. Nice tie too. Hey Paul – you were talking about Ryan Miller tiring. Can I request something? Give the man a cookie or 12. Please. He needs the padding.
  • Nice pass, Pommer! Nice goal, Timmy. (she said, begrudgingly…)
  • Well, the Canadiens aren’t mustering much of an attack.
  • If Myers and Butler ever become a defensive pair I might melt into a pile of starry-eyed mush. I fear their general being-good-at-hockey-ness might be overwhelming.

Didn’t like:

  • Did Clarke MacArthur go to Scott Hartnell’s hairdresser? Oy. He looks like Sideshow Bob.

Sideshow Bob, or Clarke MacArthur? You decide.

  • I haaattteeee those Cellino & Barnes pop-ups. I wonder who their marketing/ad agency is? I could probably make a killing doing damage control PR for those guys.
  • Yeah, that’s pretty much all I have for “didn’t like”. What can I say – it was a pretty good game.

If you’re ever in Toronto, or apparently, in Montreal, I highly recommend stopping at Marche for some deeeee-licious food. There are different stations, so if you want some fettucine alfredo, a smoked salmon sushi roll, and a slice of key lime pie, all at the same time, you’re in luck.

So the Pens have lost five in a row – Stanley Cup hangover, anyone? How’s Detroit doing these days? Last I looked they weren’t even in the playoffs.

No Wings in the playoffs? Say it ain't so!

Forgive me for the silliness. I’m hopped up on cold medicine.

Re: the Winter Classic. It was boring for the most part – I’m a fan of goals, despite loving defense and defensemen. I’m especially a fan of goals when you’re trying to suck casual fans into this game we love. That being said, I thought the NHL did a great job again. I loved how Tim Thomas came out with his Team USA jersey on and tapped gloves with all the little kids. He’s so cute.

Re: Team USA. I’m ok with most of the selections. Everyone’s been bitching about Drury. I’m guessing Drury was chosen because of his “clutchiness” (I know it’s not a word, sue me), and for his experience/leadership. Much of the roster is young, so maybe they wanted a veteran presence. I’m willing to give Brian Burke and the other GM types the benefit of the doubt. It looks like it’s going to be a TREMENDOUS Olympics games.

I will be attending Saturday’s game vs Colorado. If you’re going and want to say hi give me a shout on Twitter, or Facebook, or leave a comment here. 😉



1. Cindy - January 4, 2010

I like it when you’re hopped up on drugs! Not so much when you’re taking care of the baby but it makes for fun reading on your blog! Yeah, Sideshow Bob pretty much describes Clarke. I think his hair is just so curly and unruly when it gets wet from sweat.

Hate the C&B ads too! Not the correct venue for something like that.

2. Kathleen - January 3, 2010

I hope you’re on your way to feeling better, Amanda!

Chris Drury is no longer clutchy. He killed his clutchiness when he left Buffalo. I am OUTRAGED by his selection, especially since he took Gaustad’s spot. (I also made a pot of coffee at noon and drank the entire thing. Oops.)

The Doodle had a very cute postgame interview (on the radio, at least) in which he admitted that his last game was… not so good while shyly acknowledging that he was awesome this afternoon. Goose also was superfoxy again after joining Pommer on the bench on Friday. And Myers and Hecht were awesome. Really nothing bad about this game other than seeing C&B 300 times (I failed to notice MacArthur’s hair, though).

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