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World Junior Championships, and other stuff January 5, 2010

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  • So I’m trying to watch the World Junior Championships gold medal game, but I have a million other stupid little things I have to get done at the same time. The long and short of it – looks like an exciting game, and I’m surprised about how Canada’s goalie is playing (and not in a good way).
  • Nathan Paetsch cleared waivers (sigh). Let’s send him to Portland!
  • Pat Kaleta is slated to play tomorrow night. Yay!
  • A lot of you are wondering if Steve Montador has a girlfriend, judging by the frequency with which the search term appears in my blog stats. I do not know. However, if I’m ever waiting for the Roswell Park shuttle down by HSBC Arena for a half hour again and he happens to drive by I’ll jump into the road and ask. Why do I park at HSBC Arena if I work at Roswell Park? Excellent question. Because there isn’t enough parking on campus. Dumb, I know, believe me.
  • The Sabres Edge blog had two polls up today. Go vote and then come back, I’ll wait… Back? Good. I voted for “Overall team defense”, along with a scant 9% of the voters; and top scorers only have 11 goals, which was the most popular choice in the second poll at 36%. I contend that if the scorers ever started, well, scoring, this team could do some serious damage in the playoffs.
  • I love that Caps/Flyers commercial – especially the way Ovie and Richards look at each other. There should’ve been thought bubbles above their heads. Richards’ would read, “It’s on, bitch.” and Ovie’s could be, “Man, I’ll cut you.”

Sabres play a few home games, then go on the road for FOREVER about two weeks. Who will feed Pommer’s puppies while he’s gone?



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