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Sabres vs Leafs 1/8/10 Postmortem January 8, 2010

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NOTE: Before I begin the postmortem I must address one thing: YES, Jason Pominville is married. And apparently wanted by thousands of women…

Ok then, now that we’ve cleared up that request for information. So the Sabres play the Leafs. I’m not sure I can think of a better opponent to play when you’re trying to keep a winning streak alive. (I originally typed “steak”, then said “mmmmmmm”.) Toskala is in net tonight, and as my source-of-all-Sabres-news, Mike Harrington (known to the Twitter folks as @bnharrington – if you’re not following him, go to Twitter immediately and do so. I’ll wait.)… anyway, according to Mike Toskala doesn’t have great numbers against the Sabres. Quoted directly from Twitter: Toskala career vs. Sabres 3-4-0, 2.78 GAA, .887 Sv Pct.  Those aren’t exactly Brent Johnson numbers, which would surely be worse given the sieve-like quality he exhibits when playing the Sabres, but they’re not good. Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

It’s only 7:15 and I’m already excited.


  • The Sabres are buzzing & playing  good defense early.
  • Nice power play, boys.
  • Nice power play, boys.
  • Nice power play, boys.
  • The Leafs look disinterested. Let’s put the foot to the throat.
  • Sabres are really forechecking.
  • I think Vanek is back. He hasn’t scored, but he’s playing a hell of a game.
  • Myers. I think I love you. Don’t tell my husband (oh crap, the hubby reads my blog. Hmmm.)
  • Close to the end of the 2nd period, the Leafs are outshooting the Sabres 26-22, but our goaltender doesn’t suck.
  • I like the new-look power play where the guys are moving around. Much harder to defend against.
  • What the D can’t keep away from Miller he’s saving, but the backcheckers and D are blocking a goodly number of shots.
  • I want the hat trick for Myers so badly.
  • Pommer’s like a Jack-in-a-Box. He just keeps popping back up. Hopefully that will continue FOREVER.

Didn’t like:

  • They’re taking too many penalties.
  • Miller shouldn’t have to take it upon himself to clear his crease. That’s what defensemen are for.
  • Tim Kennedy: winning a faceoff is fun. Try it.
  • Goose has taken as many faceoffs as the rest of the Sabres centermen combined through the first half of the game. Unfortunately he’s only at 50%.
  • I’ve dealt w/union electricians in convention centers. I assume they’re similar to the ones who work at Prudential Center. Speedy and efficient they’re not.
  • Is Roy playing hurt? Seems silly to when there are healthy scratches on the roster. Even Kennedy is taking 4x the number of faceoffs as Roy is.
  • During that late shift in the third when Toronto scored, as soon as I saw who was out there I said, “Why is the fourth line out there right now?” Yep.
  • 50 shots? Are you freegin’ kidding me, guys? You better buy Miller some serious steak dinners for this. I don’t think he should ever have to pay for dinner.


1. CR - January 8, 2010

It’s so much fun watching Tyler Meyers develop. I love it! After all the years of watching Sabres not quite deliver and not quite live up to expectations, here is this guy outstripping them already, halfway through his first season. Frigging incredible.

2. Richard - January 8, 2010

Any union slows things down. The purpose of unions is to make things as easy and profitable as possible for the union members. That’s why American cars suck, public schools suck, etc.

Miller’s post-game interview was awesome!

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