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Sabres vs Avalanche 1/9/10 Postmortem January 10, 2010

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Things I observed from my seat in section 318, row 9, seat 8 (then seat 7 in the third) last night:

  1. The Sabres were not good at hockey.
  2. The Avalanche were not too much better.
  3. The loss is not Patrick Lalime’s fault.
  4. The loss is the rest of the players’ fault.
  5. The Sabres suuuuuuucccccckkkkkk at shootouts.
  6. When the Sabres decide to be professional hockey players it’s hard to stop them.
  7. They didn’t decide to be professional hockey players until there was 10 minutes left in the game.
  8. When the Sabres play poorly they don’t do things halfway.
  9. Steve Montador needs to stop taking dumb penalties late in the game.
  10. If the Sabres had given more stuff away last night (the lead, the puck, the game, their pride) I could’ve had myself a barely-used official NHL goal net.
  11. Jason Pominville had a horrid game.
  12. When opposing goaltenders get delay-of-game penalties it’s kind of hilarious. When your team looks like a bunch of uncoordinated 8-year-olds during the ensuing power play it’s kind of disheartening.
  13. Derek Roy was taking faceoffs again after several games of only taking a few.
  14. If Paul Gaustad had hands it would be really cool. Unfortunately, he doesn’t.
  15. Steve Montador’s hair flies all over the place when he’s fighting. I thought it was a commercial for shampoo the way it was whipping around his head.
  16. The turkey on the sandwich I got from the Mile High Deli (I think that’s the name of the concession) was way too salty. The accompanying chips were good though.
  17. I high-fived Jesus after the tying goal. (Seriously, the dude right in front of me looked just like him. He came back to his seat right after the second goal was scored. Nick and I think he performed a miracle. Should’ve asked him to turn some water into wine for me – I could’ve used it during the game.)
  18. The goalies in the high school shootout were clutch. Very nice job!
  19. I could see Mike Harrington working hard in the press box from my seat.


1. Shelby - January 10, 2010

I feel like the best part of Steve Montador’s fights is the fact his helmet flies off during it and his hair goes everywhere.

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