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Sabres vs Ducks 1/19/10 Postmortem January 20, 2010

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Well, I’m starting this blog post at 14 minutes to go in the first period. It’s 3-0. This is not an auspicious start.

However, if they do suck and lose this game it’s going to be tough to be mad at them.


  • Aaaannnndddd Kaleta draws his nightly penalty. Yawn… which then promptly gets negated by a dumb penalty. Should I move this into the “Didn’t like” area? Probably. However, this “Liked” area is such a vast wasteland of awfulness I’ll leave it here out of pity.
  • Ok, something to like. A power play at the beginning of the second period! I think Connolly and Vanek said, “We ARE going to score on this power play. If we don’t, Lindy is going to cut us.” And they DID score!
  • Nice job, MacArthur. By the way, for those of you playing at home, there are now two players with 13 goals (Vanek, Pominville), one with 12 (Stafford), and another four with 11 (Connolly, Roy, Hecht, MacArthur). Balanced scoring=good.
  • I am really impressed with Steve Montador. he’s not flashy, but he’s solid, and when he feels like it, he’s got some hands.
  • Good second period. Keep it up, guys. Put your foot on their throat and press down until their eyes bug out. You’re welcome for the visualization.
  • Lindy is really working the forwards’ ice time well tonight. Through two periods no Sabres forward had more than 12 minutes of ice time. Jochen Hecht, interestingly enough, only has 6:50. Maybe he’s falling out of favor with Lindy.
  • Ryan Miller, I want to bake you a pie. You’re awesome.

Didn’t like:

  • First six minutes of the first period. WTH, guys? Did you figure you could take the night off after your performance last night? Guess what? You can’t.
  • The Sabres look like they’re skating in sand in their own zone.
  • Hey – try not to run into each other, boys.
  • What an odd graphic about Ryan Miller’s stats. Is he standing on the moon?
  • Aaaannnddd the defensive suckitude continues. I would like to amend my previous “first six minutes of the first period” to “first 10 minutes of the first period”.
  • Here comes Ryan. Try to support him, guys. Just a little. Please? By the way, I’m pretty sure I saw Pat Lalime in the hallway behind the bench talking to Cellino and Barnes about filing a lawsuit against his teammates for lack of support.
  • Who thinks Lindy Ruff is pulling a Herb Brooks in there? You think he’s calling one of the injured guys a wuss? Telling him to put on his gear? Turning over tables?
  • Memo to Ducks announcers: That was NOT a dive by Derek Roy. But thanks for propagating that theory again.
  • Oh Pommer. Oh Timmy. You guys are soooo buying dinner…

Geez – how many Sidney Crosby clones were on the ice at one time during the Pens/Islanders game tonight? Two goals and four assists? Oh myyyy… And Malkin scored his 15th, 16th, and 17th goals. That means he had 14 going into this game. OUCH.

Congrats to Tyler Ennis on being named MVP at the AHL All-Star Game. That kid is all kinds of impressive.

Nice comeback. Too bad they couldn’t win it, but like I said above, I’m ok with it. At least they didn’t give up.

Now the guys get a little time off in the fun and sun of California. Well, the fun anyway, since the forecast is for around 55-60 degrees and raining for the next several days.



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2. manda903 - January 20, 2010

Yes – I’ve been thinking the scoring reminded me of 05-06 and 06-07 too. Hopefully the defense will stay in one piece this time around.

3. Shelby - January 20, 2010

This combined scoring reminds me of 2006-07, but this team is so much better than that one.

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