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Sabres vs Sharks 1/23/10 Postmortem January 24, 2010

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Time for Sabres hockey. Yay! It’s the highlight of my weekend so far since I’m STILL fighting this headache. I need a professional masseur to follow me around 24 hours a day.

Moving on…

So the Sabres face a pretty good team tonight, and they really need the points. You would think that would mean trouble, but since these guys play good against good teams and bad against bad teams – by and large – I’m not worried.


  • Wow, the Sabres are skating MUCH faster than the Sharks. Perhaps Lindy told them the Furries would haunt their dreams if they didn’t haul ass around the ice.
  • Clarke MacArthur is really rounding into form. I wonder if it’s because he’s not afraid of being yanked out of the lineup for one mistake. He’s passed that torch to Tim Kennedy. I’m not worried about Kennedy, though, he’s a scrappy dude and I’m hoping he won’t take his recent benchings lying down.
  • 14-5 shots after the first period. Good start guys, now start putting some in. I know that’s harder than it sounds…
  • I like the traffic in front of the Sharks’ net. I don’t think the Sabres storm the crease often enough.
  • Random stat: there are 143 American players in the NHL right now, out of 743 total players. Go USA Hockey!
  • Not sure if this should be a “liked” or a “didn’t like”, considering this is a Sabres blog, but me likey Joe Pavelski. Nice choice, Brian Burke!
  • It sounded downright silly and a little insulting to us fans to hear the SJ announcers talking about the population of Pominville, but calling RJ great makes me love them anyway.
  • The Connolly/Pominville/Hecht line has been on fire tonight. I like it. More, please.
  • Since I made a remark on Twitter about not letting Hecht take any more faceoffs, he hasn’t. Is Lindy following me?
  • Nice physicality on the PK, Butler. Keep it up. After all, Sekera is just waiting in the wings…

Didn’t like:

  • Goose, Goose, Goose. It’s a good thing you’re cute and an environmentalist – otherwise I might have to kick your fine-feathered butt. Dumb penalties when your team is establishing momentum=bad.
  • So you haaaadddd to go and get an assist on a night when I benched you, Pommer. Message received.
  • Wait a minute, a Vezina poll that doesn’t have “Ryan Miller” as ALL the choices? Craziness./homer
  • TWO posts on a 5-on-3? OMG.
  • I hate Dany Heatley with the intensity of 1,000 white-hot suns, just so you know.
  • Perhaps we need to explain the concept of the man advantage to the Sabres; namely, that it is an ADVANTAGE.
  • Geez, how many Nabokov’s are in the crease at one point? There must be more than one…
  • Sabres outshooting the Sharks with a 2-to-1 ratio after two periods. Let’s start actually finishing chances! Also after two periods, Pominville is the only Sabre with a + rating.
  • Guys, Miller is doing everything he can to help you win. He can’t score goals, though. Guess what that means?
  • Poor Vanek spends so much time on his butt.
  • I love “own-net” goals, just not when they happen to the Sabres. Too bad that one didn’t work for us.
  • Awww, Craig Rivet looks soooo mad. I bet he’s not gonna buy Nabokov dinner anytime soon.
  • Why is Adam Mair getting so much ice time when they need to score goals? Memo to Lindy: Mair hasn’t scored ANY goals this season.

Ugh. Not happy. Lindy isn’t either. On to Vancouver, where the Canucks are hotter than a firecracker. Awesome…



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