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Sabres vs Canucks 1/25/10 Postmortem January 26, 2010

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Thank GOD this road trip is ending. Not that it gets much easier at home, with New Jersey coming in on Wednesday and Boston, a team chasing the Sabres for supremacy in the Northeast Division, visiting on Friday.

Steve Montador gets a pardon from Lindy Ruff for his absolutely horrendous showing in San Jose, but I doubt he’ll get too much leeway in future games if he continues those antics.

Carry on…


  • There have been a couple of nice plays, but overall this period has been pretty even. Let’s look at the stats for confirmation… Yep, pretty even!
  • Nice defensive play, Vanek! Did you feel like you had to redeem yourself after that penalty? If so, I’m ok with that.
  • Sometimes all it takes is having your stick on the ice. Go Adam Mair, our scoring machine!/sarcasm No, seriously, good job.
  • So Lindy is playing the heck outta guys like Mair and sitting Timmy and Pommer? Interesting strategy. We’ll see how it plays out. UPDATE: The ice time evened out a lot in the second period, and Timmy and Pommer got hit on the nose with a newspaper.
  • Five minutes left in the second, and the stats are alsmost exactly the same for the two teams. Let’s hope the Sabres actually want to win this game.
  • Matt Ellis nearly turned himself into a pretzel trying to stay away from Ryan Miller. At least he knows enough to protect his golden ticket.
  • It wasn’t pretty, but that’s perfectly ok with me, Van. Now please stop beating the crap out of yourself.
  • I love that Sabres fans (and possibly other fans, but definitely Sabres fans) are so protective of our players’ physical conditions. We feel very bad when they get hurt.

Didn’t like:

  • I swear, if I hear “too many passes” ONE MORE TIME… you guys are gettin’ cut. I mean it.
  • Goose, Goose, Goose. 17% in faceoff wins through one period? What’s happened to you, man?
  • I’m always hesitant to put this label on athletes, but Thomas Vanek appears to be a total head case. So sad.
  • I think Tallinder got caught on the ice too long on that first Vancouver goal.
  • On the second Vancouver goal, Toni Lydman got totally fired. Fired, I say. Get off the ice!
  • This is the worst game I’ve seen Tallinder play in a LONG time.
  • WEAK call on Gaustad, especially to make it a 5-on-3. That was a good goal, there was no notable interference. The Twitterverse had some very unkind things to say about Kerry Fraser. I didn’t say they were inaccurate, just unkind.
  • Good to know crosschecking isn’t a penalty. Keep that in mind, Sabres. Oh, wait, it is FOR YOU. *grumblefreegin’KerryFrasergrumble*


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