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Sabres vs Bruins 1/29/10 Postmortem January 29, 2010

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I’m of two minds about playing teams in slumps: 1 – Yay! Let’s pile on! 2 – Oh crap, they’re going to be desperate. Let’s hope tonight is the former.

I’ll be watching the game, of course, but also obsessively checking the blog of a literary agent who held a “pitchfest” yesterday. I pitched my novel, and she’s responding to each pitch via the blog. She mentioned she doesn’t like sports-related romances, so I’m guessing she’s going to pass on mine. Poo. EDIT: Aaanddd she did. Double poo.

On to the show…


  • The defense is moving up more, and I like it. They’re shooting more, and I like it.
  • Pominville is going to put one in if he keeps playing like this.
  • I believe the Sabres are skating faster than the Bruins. Yes, I do believe they are.
  • Good job neutralizing Milan Lucic during that scrum, Tyler Myers. You are one of the only guys who could’ve, especially with Goose being challenged by Savard, who apparently has lost his freeging mind.
  • Drew Stafford, you are a punk. Fortunately, we love you for it. Well, most of the time.
  • No Sabres penalties through the first half of the game? I’m a fan. If there was a “Like” button for this bullet I would click it.
  • Chris Butler is getting a lot of ice time. Let’s hope he makes the most of it.
  • Man, the Bruins are taking DUMB DUMB DUMB penalties. Are the wheels coming off the bus?
  • I think Thomas Vanek might be stronger than I thought he was. I also think his hot streak is starting and I hope fervently it won’t be affected by the Olympic break.
  • Rob Ray thinks Harry Neale is an idiot. You can just see it.
  • You know, I don’t really care whether or not the Sabres outshoot their opponents. I’m more concerned with their shooting percentage than the number of shots.
  • Does Tyler Myers remind anyone else of the Energizer Bunny? He keeps going… and going…
  • The Sabres are now all over 54% on faceoffs with the exception of Matt Ellis, who I’ll excuse. Puck control is much easier when you, you know, actually have the puck.

Didn’t like:

  • Uhhhh, Toni? Could I have a word? “Lindy BENCHED YOU in the last game, remember? Getting rambunctious and causing a two-on-one only a few minutes into the game is not going to put you back in his good graces.”
  • Apparently sitting on a guy in front of the net is A-OK. Good to know, good to know… apparently slew-footing an opponent and throwing them into the boards is also acceptable.
  • Oh look, halfway through the game and I just noticed Clarke MacArthur was playing.
  • According to ESPN.com, the Sabres have had 20 giveaways halfway through the game. I think someone is trying to earn their money in the stats booth… EDIT: Harry just mentioned the number of giveaways. I may have to bleach my brain so I never say the same thing as Harry again.
  • I know I’m no coach, but I’m pretty sure a power play is more effective when you actually spend time in the opponent’s zone.
  • Some of the Sabres obviously need glasses. They’re missing the net by 10 feet. Don’t they play this game for a living? Just sayin’.
  • It’s 2-1 with 10 minutes to go in the third. I’d feel better if they could chip another one in.
  • And Derek Roy takes his nightly dumb penalty…
  • Mark Recchi is one of those players I’ve just never liked. When is he going to retire, anyway?


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