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Sabres vs Senators 2/3/10 Postmortem February 3, 2010

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I believe I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: I hate the Ottawa Senators. The stats at the beginning of the game (nine game winning streak, penalty kill 23/25, scored first in eight out of the nine games they’ve won, etc), coupled with the fact the Senators have owned the Sabres lately make me uneasy at best.

How ’bout you guys come out with guns blazing, Sabres?


  • Don’t look now, peeps, but the Sabres are buzzing… and Brian Elliot looks shaky…
  • Great penalty kill – hopefully it won’t kill the Sabres’ momentum.
  • So one of the Senators challenged Gaustad to a fight, while Rivet and Mair were also within five feet of him. Not a smart move IMO.
  • Good energy in the first period. Keep it up and you’ll score.
  • I’m guessing his teammates are just fine with Tyler Myers taking a roughing penalty after Phillips laid out Miller. Personally, I wanted to see him fight.
  • Yay, Rej! I like Sekera. I’m not sure why Lindy insists on scratching him so often.
  • Whoa – go Timmy! And it’s a brand-new game! EDIT: Aaaaand it’s not.

Didn’t like:

  • I asked for guns blazing, and I got… not much. The Sabres need to score first, for their own psyches if nothing else.
  • Thomas, Thomas, Thomas… going off-sides on an odd-man rush is not good. Just a friendly reminder.
  • Those guys in the war room are idiots. I stand by this – it was in.
  • Memo to Adam Mair: taking stupid retaliatory penalties is not going to make Lindy Ruff increase your ice time.
  • POMMER got a penalty? But don’t you people know that every time Pommer gets a penalty God kills a puppy? It’s just not right.
  • Did I mention I hate Jason Spezza with the intensity of 1,000 white-hot suns?

Sigh. Another day, another loss to the Senators.



1. Phil - February 3, 2010

Off to a 1910 Louisiana chain gang…all of ’em

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