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Once again, come on off that ledge, my friend February 4, 2010

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Yes, the Sabres lost to Ottawa again last night, yes, Ottawa is only three points back in the standings. But consider this:

  • The Sabres have two games in hand
  • Their next opponents are the Hurricanes, the Blue Jackets, and the Bruins

So calm down, people. This is not the end of the world. Have faith in your team.

Now, on to the Kovy question. As far as I know they haven’t announced what team Kovalchuk is being traded to. You can bet it won’t be the Sabres, though. Here’s why (and others have made some of these points before, but they bear repeating):

  • He’s a purely one-way player
  • He would be the only Russian player on the team (and I don’t think it’s an accident the Sabres have no Russians on their roster)
  • The first time he took a shift that lasted a minute and a half Lindy’s head would explode (H/T to Mike Robitaille)
  • There’s no way the Sabres could sign him as more than a rental player
  • I seriously doubt he WANTS to come to Buffalo after most likely listening to Max bitch about “The System”

He’s not coming here. There are plenty of players who might come here – remember, Darcy is more secretive than most), but Kovy isn’t going to be one of them.



1. Richard - February 4, 2010

The Sabres were victimized once again by Daniel Alfredsson. Seems pretty routine.I agree that Kovy is not needed in Buffalo, but a trade for Alfredsson would probably guarantee the Sabres an extra half a dozen victories a year (all against Ottawa).
Why do they need Alfredsson or someone like him? To take the pressure off Vanek. They need somebody to lead on offense so that Vanek can just hang around and score a lot of goals. This new player would be Trottier (Alfredsson or the like) to the Sabres’ Bossy (Vanek). I like to use the Isles for examples because they were one of the best teams ever in their glory days. You are probably too young to remember. Ask Roby.

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