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Sabres vs. Hurricanes 2/5/10 Postmortem February 5, 2010

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So the Kovy Sweepstakes is over. I kind of feel like the rest of the trade season is going to be anticlimactic.

The ‘Canes suck, so here’s hoping the Sabres don’t. On with the show…


  • WHOA. Chris Butler was on the ice for a goal for. Surely my eyes are deceiving me. I like Chris Butler, but wth? Sophomore slump? Trying to cover up for his suddenly slow-as-molasses captain and defense partner? Whatever it is, Chris – STOP IT.
  • Nice shot, Rej! Keep that boy in the lineup, Lindy! And Pominville got another point. If the population of Pominville doesn’t go up unless he scores a goal, what happens when he gets an assist?
  • I love Cocky Ryan Miller. I admit it.
  • Heh. I remember Drew Stafford playing sled hockey and getting his butt kicked, so I doubt Rob was able to get much of anything going against them.
  • Well, I’d say Rej is not coming out of the lineup. EDIT: I think Rej has gotten the Carruba Collision for the last two games in a row!
  • Van is back, baby!

Didn’t like:

  • Hey – did you know there are four Staal brothers? DRINK!!! Did you know their parents operate a sod farm? DRINK!!! Did you know Eric is the oldest? DRINK!!! Did you know Jordan joined the Pens as a teenager? DRINK!!! I will now wait while you go puke your guts out. Hang on – that won’t be necessary since this isn’t a Versus broadcast. RJ – I know I’ve never told you this, but… I love you.
  • Derek Roy: retaliatory penalties are bad. You got away with one, you little punk, but you’ve got a rep. Keep your nose clean.
  • Harry Neale is senile. He needs to be taken out back and put down.
  • You know, for the most part I like Adam Mair and Tim Kennedy. However, for some reason it seems like they’re on the ice for an awful lot of goals against.
  • Trivia question: Which Sabre has the highest minus rating? Nope, it’s not Chris Butler, despite the fact it seems like he’s ALWAYS on the ice when opposition goals are scored. The answer: Clarke MacArthur. Bad Clarke, bad!
  • Stupid FiOS. I was paused at the beginning of the second period while I took a phone call. FiOS stops pausing after like 15 minutes, and when it stops, instead of starting where you pressed pause, it goes to current time. So, when it un-paused Stafford was scoring, and it didn’t seem worth it to go back.
  • Look! Chris Butler and Tim Kennedy on the ice for the tying goal in the third! Shocking!
  • Awesome, Clarke! The first time I actually notice you do something, you’re running over the goaltender and taking a penalty.
  • Am I the only one who dies a little inside when a Sabre hits a goal post?
  • This whole collapsing-at-the-end-of-the-game thing is getting old.

Tomorrow I PROMISE to post my “Keep, Trade, or Untouchable” post. It’s my own version of the “Marry, Date, or Dump” game you might have heard about. In case you’re someone who requires a short bus to get around, here’s the legend for the game:


A hint: Tyler Myers should be expecting a proposal. Sorry, honey, I had to.

The Sabres just lost to the Hurricanes. Now I’m a little worried.


1. Richard - February 5, 2010

So often when the Sabres lose it is because they were outworked. If they worked hard every game they would be leading the league.

2. CR - February 5, 2010

That was an annoying game. Not just bad, but painful. It was lovely to see Staff score again but I can’t recall many other positive happenings.

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