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Keep, trade, or untouchable February 6, 2010

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Let’s play a fun game! You can even play along at home. Here’s how it goes: I’ll list the roster, along with my choice out of three possible answers – keep, trade, or untouchable. This handy will hopefully end up on Darcy’s desk. After all, the work will be done for him about who’s available. Makes sense to me!

First, a definition of the three choices:

Keep – this is a player that 1 – I like; 2 – I don’t think we could improve the roster with a one-for-one trade; or 3 – I don’t think we could get enough value for to give him up in a trade.

Trade – I can name a lot of reasons to trade a player, and not all of them have to do with whether or not I personally like them or their playing style. Much like the above choices, if I think the player should be on the “trade” list it could be because 1 – I don’t like them; 2 – I think we could improve the roster with a one-for-one trade; or 3 – I think we could get value if we gave him up in a trade.

Untouchable – I’m not a big fan of untouchables. That being said, with the current roster, it has to be an option. This is a player who you’d have to render me stupid to get me to agree to trade them. Perhaps put a gun to my head…

My choice is affected by the player’s salary and contract status where appropriate.


Tim Connolly – Keep
Jochen Hecht – Keep
Jason Pominville – Keep
Derek Roy – Trade
Thomas Vanek – Keep
Drew Stafford – Trade
Tim Kennedy – Trade
Mike Grier – Keep
Paul Gaustad – Keep
Pat Kaleta – Keep
Adam Mair – Trade
Matt Ellis – Trade
Clarke MacArthur – Trade


Toni Lydman – Trade
Steve Montador – Keep
Henrik Tallinder – Keep
Tyler Myers – Untouchable
Andrej Sekera – Keep
Nathan Paetsch – Trade, waive, drop off on the side of a country road…
Craig Rivet – Trade
Chris Butler – Keep


Ryan Miller – Untouchable
Patrick Lalime – Trade

Let’s recap:

Trade – Derek Roy, Drew Stafford, Tim Kennedy, Adam Mair, Matt Ellis, Clarke MacArthur, Toni Lydman, Craig Rivet, and Patrick Lalime. Mind you, I’m not saying we should blow up the roster and trade ALL these guys, but it’s always nice to have a list ready to go when you get on the phone, don’t you think?

Ok, Darcy. I’ve made the hard decisions. It’s all up to you now. Go get ’em, Tiger!



1. Shelby Rose - February 6, 2010

If Roy was ever traded from this team, I would plan a parade. I feel like there’s a bunch of centers out there we can get that will be just as good or even better than him. He irks me to no end, as you have probably seen thousands of times on my Twitter.

manda903 - February 6, 2010

If we have a parade can we make floats? I’ve always wanted to make a float…

Shelby Rose - February 6, 2010

I love the idea of floats. 🙂

manda903 - February 6, 2010

Can we make them out of hockey players? They would be much more fun to work with than flowers or some other silly thing like that.

Shelby Rose - February 6, 2010

The hockey players idea is even better!

2. CR - February 6, 2010

I agree for the most part, but I think you’re wrong about Stafford. Sure, he’s streaky but he can be a force to be reckoned with when he’s “on” and I think he’s been “on” a lot more regularly this year.

And keep Butler? I thought you were down on him. Good thoughts on Meyers.

manda903 - February 6, 2010

I’ve at the end of my rope with Stafford. He could be so much more, but he just isn’t. Maybe I’m wrong about this, because I’ve heard he’s really hard on himself, but it just doesn’t look like he’s trying very hard.

I am down on Butler, but I’m willing to give him some more time to mature. This is only his 2nd season, and he only played for half a season here last year.

And yes, I love Myers. I admit it. I want to bake him pie.

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