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Sabres vs Bruins 2/9/10 Postmortem February 9, 2010

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Well. Another day, another opportunity to get themselves out of their slumpiness. Yes, I know slumpiness is not a word, but it still seemed appropriate to use.

As an aside, I don’t check Twitter too much or participate in the Buffalo News live chats because I sometimes get influenced by other people’s opinions. I also have a low tolerance for idiot fans (not that there are any on Twitter or even in the chats, necessarily, but it’s always a possibility – see: Whiner Line, WGR).


  • I do enjoy these induction ceremonies. Jim Lorentz choked up, making RJ choke up…
  • Go Goosie go! A quick look at your teammates tell me the onus is on YOU for physical play. I hope you ate your Wheaties.
  • Love the physicality of Stafford’s play so far. I am really hard on Stafford, mostly because I think he’s tremendously talented but doesn’t work hard enough. If he keeps playing like this, though, I might have to blow him a kiss.
  • Rivet and Roy have been allowed to exit Amanda’s Doghouse. However, they’ve been sternly warned that I put them there once and I’ll do it again!
  • How does slow-as-molasses Toni Lydman still end up being able to negate a scoring chance on a breakaway? Might’ve had something to do with the interference, but hey, it worked and he didn’t get a penalty.
  • Oh, you little tease, Jochen Hecht. You get us all excited on a short-handed breakaway and what do you do? Throw it as Rask’s chest. Silly Jochen.
  • My God. I really adore Tyler Myers.
  • I will give credit where it’s due: Miller stood tall in that overtime.

Didn’t like:

  • So that’s how you pay us back for putting up with you all these years, Daniel Paille? Well poo on you! You too, Miro! (Though I have to admit one of the best best best signs I’ve ever seen at a Sabres game: “Jesus Saves, but Satan Scores on the Rebound”)
  • Derek Roy sucks. Anybody gonna disagree with me? Didn’t think so. I’ve given Roy the benefit of the doubt over and over and I’m becoming convinced he needs to go. Preferably far, far away. EDIT: Ok, he sucks a little less since he scored.
  • Oy, a line of MacArthur, Kennedy, and Grier. I don’t like it, I don’t like it at all. Aaaannnnddd Boston scores. Shocking.
  • Miller was screened AND it was deflected, but the fact remains: 12 minutes into the game and the Sabres are down 2-0.
  • If this is them getting back into playing “The System” I might need to have a little talk with Lindy.
  • After 15 minutes in the first period, the following players are in Amanda’s Doghouse: Rivet, Kennedy, Roy, Grier, MacArthur, Butler… damn, it’s getting crowded in there!
  • Soooo, Lucic grabs Gaustad as the third man in and Gaustad gets the only penalty? Nice job on the refereeing… oh wait, is that Kerry Fraser?
  • Note to Tim Connolly and Derek Roy: a faceoff win percentage under 30% is not good for a top-six forward. EDIT: Connolly has improved, Roy has gotten worse. Might be heading back to Amanda’s Doghouse soon.
  • I think Vanek’s biggest weakness is his skating. He just kinda seems to rumble along…
  • What’s with the lollygagging on the line changes, Sabres? Are you at all familiar with the term “too many men on the ice”?
  • Am I the only one who cringes every time Tim Connolly blocks a shot? Didn’t think so.
  • I may get roasted for this, but I think Grier is not a very good hockey player. I wasn’t impressed in the first go-round, and I’m not impressed now.
  • Ok, I just got impressed by Adam Mair. It takes some cojanes to fight Lucic.
  • What’s up with the floppity-flop style, Ryan Miller?
  • Vanek will spend quality time in Amanda’s Doghouse for that penalty in overtime.

One point. Better than none. Let’s beat Carolina.



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