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Sabres vs Hurricanes 2/11/10 Postmortem February 11, 2010

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Ok, if Lindy keeps Derek Roy on the point on the power play I may have to keep him out of the Doghouse. Since I enjoy seeing someone with too-large hands and too many hair products in the Doghouse, I just can’t justify it when Roy looks like a natural on the point.

Here’s hoping Mike Robitaille makes a full recovery soon. I miss his snark.


  • The Sabres have come out with guns blazing. Let’s hope that’s a good sign.
  • It seems like the shot differential should be more than it is.
  • One point. Let’s get two. Novel concept, I know…

Didn’t like:

  • Note to Craig Rivet: You’re the captain, and you just got benched. Taking a dumb penalty is not going to enamor Lindy to you.
  • You guys had momentum in this game until you started taking stupid penalties. Nice job.
  • Is it just me or does Miller think it’s spawning season? He’s a-flippin and a-floppin like a salmon in heat.
  • Wow – hits are 22-11 in favor of the Hurricanes close to the end of the second. Are they afraid of breaking a nail?
  • I am rapidly losing interest in this game. I’m starting to this the Olympic break is going to be a huge blessing.
  • Rivet. You’re KILLING me.

I can’t blame that loss on Montador. I’m sure he’s upset, but he wasn’t the reason they lost.

We’ll be at the game on Saturday, so I’ll probably post something on Sunday. Until then, tell those you love that you love them. You may think Valentine’s Day is way overblown and commercialized, but think about how often most of us actually express our love and it seems a lot more worthwhile.



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