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The best game you can name… February 16, 2010

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… is there any question hockey is the best game you can name? Not for most of my readers, I would imagine, and certainly not for me. I mean, I like sports in general, but hockey? It’s 10 feet tall when most other sports I like are about two feet tall, and the ones I don’t like are hammered into the ground. Anyhoo…

Men’s hockey is on today’s Olympic schedule. I can’t wait to see how these teams stack up. I’m guessing today’s games won’t be too much of a problem for either Canada or the US, but as we all know from the NHL, you can’t discount any opponent.

One last note: there’s been a lot of discussion that the pair who wins the gold in figure skating is the one who fell down the least. This is not news, and it happens across all types of figure skating. The routines are so difficult now it’s almost impossible to be perfect. The same thing is happening in gymnastics too, but on a lesser scale. Cut the skaters a break – what they do is still pretty extraordinary. Oh, and I challenge anyone to go up to a male gymnast or figure skater and tell them they think they’re wimps. Those men in the pairs last night were dead-lifting their partners. Male gymnasts compete on the rings. I wouldn’t mess with either of them. Just sayin’…



1. Richard - February 18, 2010

Ice provides a wide variety of sports- ice hockey, ice dancing, speed skating, figure skating, ice fishing, and curling, to name some. And what a range- from hockey to curling. I donno about ice fishing, though. Seems you have to be nuts or abusing alcohol for that one to be much fun!

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