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I don’t care what the IOC says, it’s Miller Time! February 26, 2010

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So let’s be honest: how many of you people thought this US/Finland game was going to be a blowout? And by the end of the first period, no less? Naw, me neither.

The USA is playing for the gold, y’all!

Miika Kiprusoff clearly had no interest in playing a game today, and his teammates weren’t much better. On one hand it’s disappointing because it really wasn’t a great game today, but on the other hand it was fun to watch Ryan Miller get another shutout (yawn) and the guys open up a little bit offensively.

The US has been the best team defensively, and though we all know Miller has been a stud back there, it’s not all him. The forwards are an interesting mix too. In watching this team I have discovered a lot of players to like in the Western Conference, which is always a bonus. Sorry though, boys, Ryan Kesler has won the “Make Amanda Love You” derby. By a landslide. Erik Johnson and Bobby Ryan have tied for a distant second. Better luck next time, fellas.

Brian Burke looks like a freegin’ genius right about now, huh?

I was happy to see Tim Thomas get some playing time. I’ve always liked Tim Thomas – I mean, you’ve gotta love a guy who seems thrilled to be there, whether it’s the All-Star Game or the Olympics.

I mentioned when the Olympics started I was going to take a bit of a break to try to finish revisions on my novel. Well, I’ve finished them (yay!) and I’m planning to start blogging daily again. I have some thoughts – just a few, don’t worry – and I will share them with you, my blog-reading public. There are at least a half dozen of you…

So stay tuned! Oh, and to help build my blog traffic up again: Ryan Malone has tattoos.



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